Banana VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Secure USA VPN / German VPN / UK VPN / VPN for VoIP / SSL VPN (UK) / SSTP VPN

$14.9 / Month or $60 / 6 Months or $100 / 12 Months


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers:  N/A

Located Countries: US, UK, Canada and Gemany

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP ,OpenVPN,SSTP, L2TP/IPSEC

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Routers

Other Features: P2P and other illegal usage it not allowed

Customer Reviews:

Used the service from Japan for watching Netflix and Hulu.Setup is fairly straightforward and really should be possible also for newcomers. I didn't use their support, but could make sure Blueberry VPN becomes manifest pretty quickly in reacting to emails.

The bond speed was below my anticipation and that i sometimes couldn't display certain pages on Hulu. Because the connection speed was rather slow (under 2 Megabyte per second based on speedtest.internet), I possibly could not get HD on Netflix. 480p on Hulu labored w/o problems. I compensated $10/month for six-month contract, but switched to StrongVPN after 30 days as StrongVPN is faster, cheaper and much more flexible (server locations etc.). StrongVPN is $55 for any 1-year contract.

Setup for Blueberry VPN is performed by hand. On Home windows 7, it really mandates that you access the user interface, produce a network connection and make up a VPN network using the configurations provided to you by Blueberry. Additional setup needs will be different based mostly on the kind of protocol getting used. Extensive instructions concerning the setup of Voice over internet protocol services receive around the provider's site.

Due to the manual setup process, most errors with Blueberry VPN may have related to configuration. Firewall configurations along with other user issues will constitute the majority of the problems customers have, and often will easily be cured by checking the extensive instructions around the manufacturer's site.

Blueberry VPN's Voice over internet protocol service causes it to be particularly interesting. The service lacks any free trial, which is different from other companies, however the yearly prices structure is extremely competitive when it comes to rates. The service also offers the flexible use of supplying a devoted IP?awith the Voice over internet protocol plan, so customers could find this service has the kind of versatility they're searching for in comparison towards the other choices available on the market.

SSTP may be the latest in VPN technology, it's produced by Microsoft and creates Home windows Vista and Home windows 7.Blueberry VPN was among the first to provide this kind of VPN so we offer it on two United kingdom servers, one out of Germany and something in Canada.

Our new SSTP accounts use port 443(HTTPS) to bypass all proxies and firewall that block normal PPTP vpn. Ideal for luxury cruise ships, colleges and nations like Belize and Oman. If you'd like with an Ip in United kingdom, Germany or Canada or access blocked sites than the new plan's also ideal for you!

I believe this particular service is extremely helpful, i really like will be able to connect with youtube, facebook, along with other websites that for whatever reason are blocked within China. So i'm happy using the service, and also the support.