VPNTunnel Reviews


VPN Plans:


€5 / Month or €27 / 6 Months or €49 / 12 Months


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United Kingdom, United States, Sweden

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN SSL

Supported Platforms: The most common operating systems

Other Features:

NO logs

Anonymous dynamic IP

OpenVPN with 2048 bits blowfish

P2P / Torrent downloads allowed

Customer Reviews:

This can be a very dishonest service and really should be prevented no matter what!!!

Quote using their FAQ:

"Most in our servers are situated in Sweden inside a datacenter having a capacity of 10 Gbps. Lately we broadened though, now we could provide ip:s from more nations like US, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark."

?-but they don't have any servers in Germany P, Denmark DK or even the Netherlands NL just how do they really appear at first sight growing their IP range???

Growing provides the impression they have Insolvency practitioners in individuals locations to grow.

Isn't it correct that of the comment date the Insolvency practitioners they purport to consult are servers in P, DK and NL however all for servers in Sweden only?

This from the Support Ticket response after i queried the Insolvency practitioners for those Worldwide servers in P, DK, NL, SE and also the USA that made an appearance to any or all make reference to data centers in Sweden and something in the united states:

"That's because we now have servers in US and Sweden only?-"

So what makes them being deceitful about getting servers in other nations that don't exist?

Additionally they quote on the webpage they use 2048 bit Blowfish file encryption, much more fact this is not the case ¡§C I checked the particular connection logs for that actual file encryption getting used.

The apparent deceptions?

Their NEW OpenVPN v1... client won't initialize on my small XP SP3 PC ( I've examined multiple VPN provider's client software without any issues) as well as their Support clarified which i should use their Classic version with it's utilizes a early OpenVPN client software rather.

Ultimately I download the most recent OpenVPN client for Home windows version in the OpenVPN site that has many developments and enhancements, as well as the safety upgrades.

Then i set up it myself which happens when the Worldwide server deceptiveness found light as all of the particular country Insolvency practitioners I requested were inside a Swedish Electricity only aside from the united states IP.

You will find a lot of drop outs to create mtss is a secure and reliable VPN and that i urge caution when utilizing it considering the above mentioned deceitful behavior.

They've no cancellation or refund policy, so you'd be at a complete loss should you requested reimbursement.

Honesty is definitely the very best policy and may you, considering the the rest of the deceptions, honestly think that they don't keep logs?

Customers of VPNTunnel, won't ever determine if they are doing or otherwise keep logs until this really is examined at some stage in time.

You will find a lot more honest VPN companies available and VPNTunnel doesn't get certified in this category.


Using VPNtunnel.se given that they began. There where difficulties with reliability on the way, but things happened and more often than not the end result was OK.

Modded that old GUI for auto-log-in etc.since they didn't address these annoying issues themselves and gathered a listing of servers and ports to deal with to with time to manage it through the config.


Lately a dramatic change appears to possess occurred. Allow me to explain my rankings:


Fine in writing,but performed 2x3 several weeks = 6 several weeks. Obligations confirmed by them and my bank. They CLOSED THE ACCOUNT

Pointless given.That causes it to be probably the most costly service available on the market

So beware !


To begin with, anything you do when setting up the brand new GUI don't let it update/install your Internet-Framework instantly. Result that would be considered a screwed-up Framework (ever attempted a clean re-install ? Best of luck).

You will find actually some P-NL-US-DK servers up, occasionally though. With the log-problem which means that the SE servers are overloaded so

connectivity is basically excellent.

Another problem I came across overtime is the fact that even if intentionally hooking up to some SE server (using a specific Swedish server-IP and port

often it throws an e.g. 46.x.x.x IP, clearly not Swedish.This occurs both using the new and old GUI.

And incidentally, the IP,s given on the home page aren't relevant and misleading.(with no use asking their support)

Finally I have to mention their blog. It's never up-to-date over time but days after any event/problem. So what's the utilization ?


Watch out for the ConnectionGuard within the new GUI. In case your connection includes errors (last line within the log) the GUI will indicate "connected".

The ConnectionGuard won't react.

Your IP is going to be fully revealed !

This occurs frequently (servers overload) and means you need to watch the log carefully each time you connect or reunite.

It was possible within the old GUI but No More !

This really is potential harmful and completely detrimental (overriding all arguments about file encryption and logs stored)

So beware !

( I suppose this really is because of the ProtectionGuard is essentially VPNETMONitor incorporated within the new GUI. VPNETMON has got the same problem otherwise modded).


Varies (as with every other services). Got everything between 2 and 10 (excellent) on the internet in PC connection of 16.


Something is going on. Growing an excessive amount of too quickly ? Management ? Anyway I wouldn't take on their discount-choices.


What support ? I strongly would discourage you against utilizing their support. Any answer you're going to get (if lucky) is extremely fundamental and standard. Should you sake two times they

will end up progressively arrogant and also the last sentence is going to be "If your unhappy,go elsewhere".

Concerning the problem pointed out at first I've been getting in touch with their INFO, SUPPORT, TICKET with one mail every single day for five days now and never

received any answer. They go ahead and take money but don't deliver.