Ace VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Premium VPN
$5 / Month
Ultimate VPN
$15 / Month


Data Transfer: 50GB / Unlimited
VPN Servers: N/A
Located Countries: USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Luxembourg, Romania, Moldova
IP Address: N/A
Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Routers
Other Features:
Experience any computer or products. Low fixed cost - $5. Exactly the same VPN account creates all of the supported platforms and products. We support OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP

Connect with any VPN gateway servers on our network at no expense. We presently have servers in Canada, USA (Atlanta, Fremont, Chicago, La, Vegas, Miami, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Tigard, North Park, Polk) and Europe (France, Germany, Ireland, Italia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, The country, Sweden, Europe, United kingdom). More servers being put in different nations. Limitless switching.

100% anonymous, secure and. Keep cyber-terrorist / Internet criminals out. Surf the Internet without departing a trace on public unsecured Wi-Fi / hotpots

Safeguards your privacy from behavior advertisements and data mining websites like Google Advertisements, Quantcast, DoubleClick. Prevent Id theft

Surf the net without limitations. Enables use of banned, blocked and censored websites, programs and services. Use Voice over internet protocol, SIP plugs, Skype, Google Voice, instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN / Home windows Live, Google Talk, etc., social media like Bebo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., dating or adult sites even when blocked because of your Country, Web service provider, College or Corporate firewall

Customer Reviews:

I'd used FindNot for around five years. It had been generally quite reliable, with the exception that the servers frequently too slow. You simply didn’t know daily which server to make use of. Which had some 2 dozen of these. They went AWOL! I lost 6 several weeks of remaining premium.I examined all of the companies listed on this website, and lastly made the decision to consider plunge with ACEVPN. It has been 6 days now, I have to admit If only I'd found them earlier. First of all I don’t use whatever slowing down lower whatsoever after i connect through their server. They've three. I'd 4 occasion to send them an email to request questions (not problems) plus they clarified with a few minutes!!! and longest waiting was 8 several hours. The good thing could it be cost no more than $5/mo, compensated monthly. I can’t see the best way to beat this.I'm happy to date.

I've been a person of Acevpn for a few many I simply upgraded in the Premium towards the Ultimate service. The client service I've received from Acevpn is just like or much better than Apples legendary Apple Care! The service is reliable and secure. I have tried personally the VPN service outdoors the U.S. on a few occasions in nations that block skype along with other services and when I drenched directly into my Acevpn account I could use individuals services perfectly! I've also used the VPN service at international airports and hotels and there's nothing much better than knowing you should check you private bank along with other accounts safely! A large bonus is you can make use of the Acevpn service in your apple iphone, iPad & ipod device touch products, even over 3rd generation! I recommend this particular service!

Cost its reasonable to obtain a yearly account, however… I quote using their site.“Each account includes 50GB bandwidth monthly which will download 29 movies from Amazon . or or 25000 MP3 tunes from iTunes. A typical home user uses under 10GB bandwidth monthly. If you require more bandwidth any month you purchase one more take into account $5 for your month.”Therefore it has 50GB monthly limit! Average home user using under 10GB such a laughter, average home user wouldn't sign up for VPN either. For any service who advertise to permit P2P,Torrents,Newsgroup & etc the 50 gig download limit is clearly insufficient for many broadband customers who really use P2P.

I examined both ACEVPN & Witopia for that cost Witopia doesn't have download limit! But presently Witopia has some torrent sites blocked because of copyright gripes.Speed is alright I'm able to achieve roughly 70% of my DSL speed. At moment I won’t renew my subscription to AceVPN because of download limit. I would provide another use future when they no more have download limit or at best greater limit than 50GB.Gregory Stewart, the leading webpage marketed as permitting BT, Newsgroup etc… You do not advertise that like a professional then claim in another page regarding might discontinue torrents and etc… together with limited 50 GB limit. You will find individuals who join VPN because of their Web service provider Obstructing P2P.

I mentioned the rate is alright pretty good, but in my experience the issue is 50GB limit, when the limit were greater it may be better. In my experience broadband is all about streaming, hearing online music and installing something more important. I honestly believe that 50GB isn’t enough.I made use of both Ace VPN & Witopia before in my experience speed is roughly exactly the same. Both services are good. If P2P is overlooked then Witopia is in front of ACE VPN because of exclusively on no download limit. Just my 2 cents.I have no idea much on AceVPN when i send couple of email to then but very sad never got reply. Running a business we want good customer care from admin for better improvement using their feedback with good comment or bad comment, is the fact that right.

I’m website owner more then ten years received feedback and email from site visitors and answer all of them with round-the-clock on any bad or good comments. That which you feel should you got reply from somebody in your feedback or email? sure I’m pleased with their care’s on customs service.Attempted some VPN service and located HideIP VPN is the greatest customer care with good fantastic VPN service for United kingdom and US.Individuals day VPN service are not permanent lengthy, some within two or three several weeks closed lower their service, happen to be scammed from individuals service before.
Beware on purchasing service from online as they possibly can close lower whenever from the company which require fast money and not care other. Inadequate support from AceVPN and I’ll never buy any product from bad poor support service even how cheap their method is.