Anonymizer Reviews

VPN Plans:

Anonymizer Universal
$79.99 / 12 Monthes


Data Transfer: Unlimited
VPN Servers: N/A
Located Countries: United States
IP Address: N/A
Supported Protocols: L2TP/IPSec
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad
Other Features:
Proprietary IP Rotator Technology.  Trialed and tested Anonymizer IP Rotator technology guarantees your anonymity every time you connect online. Each day‚ your computer's IP address gets replaced with a different‚ anonymous IP address. Your daily‚ anonymous IP address comes from a pool of tens of thousands of U.S. IP addresses that are ordinary and untraceable.

Customer Reviews:

“I didn’t realize that online merchants could watch and log each page I visit on their own site-or that search engines like google can keep an eye on all of the websites I visit and a few things i do online.” Online merchants and search engines like google can literally monitor and log all of your Web searches and activities if you use the internet. Edge in the game to show items or advertising they think you may like. But you may not want that type of information to fall under the incorrect hands? Being protected is only the wise factor to complete. Anonymizer Universal keeps all of your online activities private and anonymous. Now that’s privacy-with no more worries.

“I need to connect with my loved ones when I’m traveling…and I truly need my American television.” Keeping in contact from overseas could be frightening should you not possess the right Internet protection. With technology permitting us to speak in a lot of ways? like IM and webcam? you just need to keep all your online activities protected. Anonymizer Universal makes interacting from outdoors the U.S. much safer. And? the service also causes it to be easy to watch American television programming without having to be blocked. Now that’s awesome.

“I’m always on the highway in international airports or hotels.”With id theft increasing each year? checking emails and remaining in contact with family and buddies could be harmful in case your online activities aren't protected. With Anonymizer Universal? you no more have to be worrying. Whether you’re being able to access Wi-Fi connections out of your laptop or apple iphone? in international airports? hotels? or coffee shops, bookstores? you’re secure from anybody who's attempting to intercept your web communications or activities. Now that’s satisfaction.

Anonymizer is a common company that is important when selecting a VPN service. Trust is essential. The Anonymizer Universal service offers limitless L2TP/IPSec access with daily rotating U.S. IP addresses for $79 annually. Additionally they present an Anonymizer Nym service for disposable emails. Anonymizer Universal support Home windows and Mac systems. In addition to apple iphone, iPad and ipod device Touch products. Anonymizer was established about fifteen years ago and the organization is constantly on the challenge itself by creating and presenting new items that safeguards the privacy of both customers and organizations.