Astrill VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

$9.98x3 / 3 Month or $6.66x6 / 6 Months or $5.83x12 / 12 Months
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Data Transfer: Unlimited
VPN Servers: N/A
Located Countries: USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden, Australia, Moldova, France, Hungary, Panama, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Latvia, Egypt, India, Serbia, Italy, Hong Kong, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Taiwan
IP Address: N/A
Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IP Sec, OpenWEB and PPTP
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Routers
Other Features:
Multiple Platforms & Browsers. We support Wisndows, Mac OS X, Linux in addition to apple iphone, iPad and Android platforms. Does not matter if you are using Opera, Ie, Safari or perhaps a built-in browser inside your mobile device. Astrill works with just about any software working underneath the HTTP protocol. Which includes Skype, ICQ, MSN, iTunes and many more!
Multiple VPN Protocols. With One Astrill Account make the most of Multiple VPN Technologies. Some other VPN companies offer only one VPN technology, Astrill supplies a couple of different - OpenWEB, OpenVPN and Layer2 VPN. How Come ? It certainly is good to possess a couple of options Body technology could be faster compared to other or some could be blocked because of your Web service provider. You are able to switch between VPN technologies anytime. All VPN technologies we offer offer secure/encoded connection and anonymous Access to the internet. Things to choose is dependent in your needs.
Easy setup. Astrill is extremely simple to use. You are able to just download the stand-alone version in our product and there's you don't need to install anything whatsoever! Astrill is 2 step (download, run) plug-n-play application. Astrill application has so-known as Wise and Expert modes which permit you to choose the amount of complexity from the VPN configurations. Choose Wise way of fundamental home customers without any computer understanding and employ Astrill easily around the first run or activate the Expert mode and personalize 50 plus functions that Astrill gives you.

Customer Reviews:

Very impressed to date. A few things i like. FAST, can pull lower a great 300kBs with torrents. Simple to use, no stuffing around looking for a server which will work. Protocol options, for example differnt ports, proxy, vpn, udp, ETC Resonably listed. Stuff that could do after some improvment. Insufficient a safe and secure IP bind, implies that transmitions can leak out when the vpn connection drops. Could be nice if there is a fast method to look at your IP without having to open a internet browser. Presently no choice to quicky test servers to obtain the quickest. Cheers
I have used Astrill for 2 years and that i like it! The only real issues I can tell by using it is the fact that sometimes the bond will drop however it usually rebounds rapidly which some servers could be reduced than the others, but when I switch to another one which issue will be fixed. I'm most impressed using their support services, when i have always received reactions with correct fixes to my problems inside a 6 hour span...extremely powerful!
Its definetly well worth the cost! And That I think its fun to change to servers in nations I truly want to be -) In the beginning, I couldnt do the installation, however the support sent us a link only a couple of minutes later after which everything labored perfectly. Though, sometimes its a little slow getting a server to make use of, but nevermnd that! Its only a couple of minutes of waiting after which everything is effective. Im totally pleased with everything, though, obviously, a less expensive cost could be nice. But theres lots of features also it always works, and so i accept that :-)
Astrill is effective within China and i believe it's good affordability. However, I'd be thankful basically wasn't motivated to ask buddies each time I drenched in... especially since i have already asked one friend who bought the service. Thanks! :)
The reliability and speed might be enhanced, especially thinking about the cost compensated. Nonetheless, the professionalism, reliability , quality support tend to be appreciated and respected, making Astrill a tight schedule-to VPN for scientists and experts who require discretion, anonymity and methods to overcome in-country censorship.
Appears good to date. Absurdly simple to use the industry real bonus in comparison to my last provider, witopia. Pretty reliable to date - there has been some times when it has been just a little difficult to get a server thats running effectively, but to date these occasions ahave been couple of. Speed is nice, I can stream programs in the bbc which is indeed a blessing for me personally! Slows lower sometimes and I must fiddle around between servers but to date it has not troubled me an excessive amount of. Cost appears reasonable.
Awesome software, didn't have an issue aside from the odd server rejecting connections. Simplest, Quickest, Least expensive VPN software available up to now that I have tried personally ! The little GUI is informative enough although not intrusive, Great benefits together with the simplicity guarantees that I'll be a customer for any very long time in the future =] Now I am going to need to find a problem so I'm able to check out the support I added on Skype age range back and haven't yet contact .
I've greatly loved the service provided, expecially since my current location blocks most internet features. I've observed a couple of delayed connections where it seems to become connected though no information is accessable online, happens on OSX Lion and might be connected using the server as others don't display this problem. Of course, a lower cost could be great and/or perhaps a military or education discount.