SafeVPN Reviews

VPN Plans:


$13 / Month

Open VPN

$20 / Month

PPtp/L2TP/Open VPN

$26 / Month


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: USA, UK

IP Address: Unique IP

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad

Other Features:

Complete privacy with no provider logs.

Once connected to SafeVPN we will encrypt all data so Internet Service Provider will unable see your activity. We also dont store any logs about your activity so its completely safe.
bypass proxy/firewall restrictions

SafeVPN tariffs can be configured to bypass proxy and firewall restrictions. Please contact our team to help you choose tariff.

Public, dedicated(not shared!), static IP on each location.

Customer Reviews:

works together any Web service provider.SafeVPN works together any net connection you've. We recommend SafeVPN in open wi-fi 'hang-outs' at air-ports, hotels and so on, different public systems.SafeVPN works fine in schools, libraries in addition to in the office to unblock restrictions and hide your activity. no speed and bandwidth limits.SafeVPN does not have speed and bandwidth limits on any our tarrif. Speed on our servers depends on local link to internet. Sadly we are unable to increase your local connection speed or bandwidth restrictions.

different server locations.Various server locations let you unlock physical and website restrictions which means you will not miss your chosen services. See our servers page. SafeVPN have quality network infrastructure to provide clients fast connections.complete privacy with no provider logs.Once mounted on SafeVPN we'll secure all data so Web service provider won't able visit your activity. We dont store any logs relating to your activity so its completely safe.

Our well trained team will help you decide tariff in your needs and may help configure your computer, pda, apple apple iphone/iPad/ipod device device, modems together with other items.setup as much personal computersOritems as you have.With one account you'll be able to load as much personal computersOritems as you have only you can link at any time. It is important to use router solution for multiple items connection at the same time.different techniques and solutions.SafeVPN provide different VPN solutions like PPTP, L2TP over IPsec and OpenVPN which works over UDP and TCP techniques.

different file file encryption levels.SafeVPN provide different VPN techniques with assorted file file encryption levels:PPTP might be with 128 bit file file encryption(MPPE) or without file file encryption.L2TP have 256 bit file file encryption.OpenVPN might be setup with assorted level file file encryption.public, devoted(not shared!), static IP on each location.Some definitions:Public/Private IP. Public IP designated to every computer/device mounted on Internet. Private Insolvency professionals useful for private systems. Nearly all VPN companies assign clients private IP then translate such Private Insolvency professionals to at least one Public IP. Such option is cheaper for VPN companies but might be a difficulties with open ports together with additional features.

bypass proxy/firewall restrictions. SafeVPN charges might be established to bypass proxy and firewall restrictions. Please contact we that may help you choose tariff.application friendly use.There is no need configure your programs to use over VPN. Once mounted on SafeVPN all your programs works instantly over VPN. This imply all your hobbies like bowsing, banking, Voice over ip, communications and email will probably be absolutely multiple os's and platforms. You'll be able to configure desktop/laptop(Home home windows, Linux), MAC personal computersOrlaptop computers, Apple apple apple iphone/iPad/ipod device device, Mobile phones and Android items. However its not all items, like Apple TV, Wii, Xbox 360 360, Ps etc, support VPN but you need to use router to discuss VPN to such items.

instant setup.No need wait! With SafeVPN you'll receive login particulars after just one hour after put order.72 hours money-back guarantee.All charges are addressed by a 3 days unconditional money-back guarantee. 72 hours will test service and judge. However we could prolong today per your reasonable request.24x7x365 free of charge tech support team.Enjoy our online support 24 several hours 365 days yearly. Support is totally free for that clients and open to any pre-sales questions. You need to use live chat, skype and email to get hold of our support team.

SafeVPN provide public IP for each customer for each selected destination.Devoted IP - is certainly an IP designated only to your and not shared between other clients.Nearly all VPN companies provide Shared Insolvency professionals but it's not secure. IP is similar to home address, is not it time share address with anybody else?SafeVPN provide only Devoted Insolvency professionals!Distinction between Static and Dynamic IP. An Engaged Ip is selected in the pool of accessible addresses and changes each time one connects towards the web while Static never changes and remain in history.

SafeVPN provide only static IP, this imply that IP goes only to you together with nobody take advantage of the IP.all ports open.SafeVPN open all ports for incoming and outgoing connections. Once mounted on SafeVPN you will have your IP and many types of ports open, that will help you play WoW, use Voice over ip programs in addition to host website inside your personal computers. custom solutions based on your needs.SafeVPN can make any solution based on your needs. Book this website for more information.