Anonine VPN Review

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$69 / year


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States of America, German, Sweden and United Kingdom

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Mac OS/X and Android

Other Features:

Reliable Anonine VPN service assists users to surf internet along with absolute security and incognito but when traffic emerges through particularly Anonine servers, there is automatic replacement of your personal IP address with that of theirs. It does not retain capacity to store logs and there is no need to provide specifically personal information while purchasing reasonably priced and stable VPN services.

Proficiently secured networking saves you from annoying interruption and services providers assure for loyal encryption within the very duration you make applications. With location of Sweden, it supports OpenVPN and PPTP whilst sharing dynamic IPs along with limitless VPN account.

Exclusive of time restrictions, you can attach Anonine server as per 34SEK in a month simultaneously including other technologies of OpenVPN and PPTP with iPhone, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Mac. Price range varies with packages, for simple and unlimited PPTP charges are 34SEK/month while for advanced and unconstrained OpenVPN 42SEK/month. For convenience of willing buyers, payment options comprise of telephone payments, credit cards, SMS and PayPal accounts.

Unsecured internet surfing makes you feel that some commercial ventures, non-government and government organizations disturb your privacy supervising your activities all the time. If you have intentions to do some business with superior level secured integrity, Anonine server takes care of your privacy.

Absolute security of internet services and applications same that of online chat e-mail is accessible with Anonine server and you can save iPhone 3G from harm with the same server. With extensive and strong encryption (128 bit – 2048 bit) of this server, there is no contract restriction and it is easy to select from available OpenVPN services of simple and advanced in accordance with your professional requirements. You can operate Anonine server with great ease because there is no complication rather it shields your private IP address substituting it with unidentified IP locations following fast pace of internet.

If you are enthusiastic and skilled user of computer or Android device, you need to take a decision in favor of either SSL 2048 encryption with OpenVPN or 128-bit encryption with PPTP service. Striking features of Anonine serve you with inscrutability, security and matchless stability.

Customer reviews:

Users feel satisfied with Anonine server, as they have to engage with simple and straightforward process of securing their internet surfing. Legal existence of this server does not acquire identical credentials and you provide just your email address along with username and password to service supplier. He pays fee once at the time of service subscription and then initiates his activity by creating an account interlinked with service provider who lead you how to install it on your device.

This worldwide service is available for worldwide clients and this is the reason people take great interest to have a connection with Anonine server. Sometimes, short disruption disturbs but reason is not lacking capability of OpenVPN rather incompatible modem or router causes it.

In case of errors, there are easy solutions that save from interruption for long durations and reward users with continuous security of internet applications. Service providers are liable for any sort of technical issues and they take instant action in response of your complaint. Experienced buyers of Anonine server enjoy full net surfing protection and feel relaxed with their secured internet activities ignoring threats of confidential supervision on part of commercial ventures.