BolehVPN Review

VPN Plans:

$10 / month, $41.50 / 6 months and $78 / year

Data Transfer: 4mbps / unlimited


VPN Servers: N/A
Located Countries: Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States of America, Switzerland and Canada
IP Address: N/A
Supported Protocols: PPTP and OpenVPN
Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista, iPhone, Android devices and iPad
Other Features:
BolehVPN server offers 100% confidentiality protection to internet activities by masking IP address of user. At the same time, it lets you download heavy torrents with the speed of Max that shapes traffic as well. Easy setup of this server follows extreme level of privacy and no one else can have access to your protected traffic due to SSL encryption.

Unlimited flexibility of BolehVPN server gives you option regarding choice of traffic as per to your preferences and competitive capacity of this server leads VPN vendors to successful modern-day market. You can install this top-class and user-friendly GUI following useful instructions. All-encompassing locations of VPN server support dedicated and dynamic IPs through speed capped VPN account.

Your access to game hosting seedboxes and burble hosting increases with advanced PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. 4mbps is sufficient speed but due to varying internet connections of users, it may slow down. You can conveniently connect it with Linux, Mac and Windows. If you want to check its services on trial basis, you need to pay $1.80 for three days and $3.30 for seven days. For payment, it is up to you to choose from bank transferring or credit cards.

BolehVPN server is an excellent solution for data privacy matters as it protects internet projects from throttling and blocking by commercial agencies. Fantastic features of server provoke you to involve it for secured maintenance of home-based ventures. Southeast Asians feel at ease with reliable contribution of Boleh server.

Your applications for configured encryption are accessible with BolehVPN server that meets high standard privacy requirements whilst preserving anonymity of your IP address. Your installed server keeps running despite global alterations in encryption configurations. Accessibility to this server never allows other supervising organizations to peep into your confidential internet activities. If you are conscious of premium level protection for network applications, rich and quality features of this particular VPN server meet advantageous interests to favor you.

In order to remove decommissioned servers, you should upgrade VPN server configurations and it is not difficult to refurbish it with easy-to-use experts’ consultation platform. You can hook this server to your Minecraft in order to avoid evil creatures that disturb recreational process of playing.

Customer reviews:

Esteemed customers having experience with BolehVPN server enjoy absolute protection regarding internet activities without any disruption created by administering agencies. Wonderfully immersive privacy you observe with affiliation of this satisfying server that improves your capability of encrypting or securing data. Your IP address remains masked while you have been performing accurate analysis of traffic as well as downloading through torrent. Users of this server have easy access to detailed instructions and usually find no problem with its straightforward installation process.

BolehVPN server has made it easy to connect Android devices to secured internet applications and hassle free services of performance-promising server augment its popularity in all over the world. Price of this server is very moderate and retains compatibility with its outstanding privacy services and investment on part of skilled or non-skilled computer users rewards them in any case.

Users of BolehVPN server find VoIP as useful alternative for Teamspeak/Ventrilo and impressive speed to download or figure out P2P. Advantageous server conceals real identity and location of user whilst accelerating geo-specific traffic shaping. No doubt, it is an exceptional server and bestows users with confidence of using internet under shield supervision of security. If speed of your internet connection matches with that of BolehVPN server; reliable privacy protection relishes advanced networking.