Arethusa VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

5€ / month


Data Transfer: Unlimited / for 30 Mbps

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States of America, Spain, Germany, France and Luxembourg

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: access to OpenVPN & PPTP

Supported Platforms: Windows XP, 7, Vista, Linux and Mac OS/X

Other Features:

Having intentions to make web-based activities more secure and anonymous is accessible with Arethusa VPN that prevents others to filter or monitor your real IP address and internet activities. You have to establish an encrypted connection between Arethusa server and computer in order to perform secured web tasks.

If you among those who have been making use of Wi-Fi hotspots, scrutinized, filtered and concealed network, you need VPN because it grants full privacy protection for the sake of privacy. Confidential information of user remains in privacy and there is no registration of user’s IP address and his private traffic data.

When you install Arethusa VPN on your Mac, computer or other communication devices, it starts working automatically and replaces your IP with that of passing traffic. All commercial agencies view your IP as you are from United States, Germany, Spain and France thus, they cannot recognize or in other words spy your web-based activities.

It is accessible to have OpenVPN approach with dynamic or shared IPs and 30 Mbps capped speed meets your professional as well as personal requirements. Charges for the very service retain compatibility with superior standard privacy protection. Users have to follow unlimited VPN account to mask their real identity and this takes no time to protect privacy. For convenient payment options, you can rely upon PayPal, Ukash, WebMonkey and Moneybookers and suppliers accept it without any restrictions.

Through Arethusa VPN, you encrypt internet connection along with real IP and you enjoy legal protection for overall web services. It saves your computer from virus infections and hacking and you can voluntarily disclose professional or personal information without having fear of disturbing supervision. Features of this server keep working until you take care of installing updates for better performance of your computer system.

It is survey-based suggestion to avoid PPTP in case when you take notice of some spying traffic and you should give preference to OpenVPN considering it as protected protocol. With premium v2, users get benefit from unmetered traffic, compatible ports and configured web documentations. After installation, you work on internet as an administrator who has no fear of other venture’s interruption in your privacy.


Customer Reviews

Skilled computer operators having rich experience with Arethusa VPN feel satisfied with their protected privacy and they have to relish no apprehension regarding confidential communication. However, here is one legal restriction, if you are displaying your IP as from Netherlands; you have to obey privacy rules and regulations of this particular country.

You may upload or download copyrighted internet activities exclusive of prior approval but you can avail this opportunity with Premium v2. In fact, some commercial agencies violate human right for privacy and this disturbs internet users mentally but when they turn towards this privacy-promising server, they save themselves from blacklisting, hacking, spamming, virus spreading, harassment, flooding and network scanning.

Superior standard internet privacy is possible with Arethusa VPN that inspires users with complete confidential defense. Service providers promise to keep your personal details secured and never reveal customers’ real identity and location for interest of third party. In case of any complaint, money back guarantee within limited period is available but no one finds fault with it services.

Arethusa VPN acquires user name and changeable password for instant registration and if you find any technical flaw or confusion with your server, you can contact with proficient staff via e-mail.