Banana VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN



Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: MaidenHead (United Kingdom), Dallas (United States), Canada and Frankfurt (Germany)

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: SSTP, PPTP and OpenVPN

Supported Platforms: iPad, iTouch, iPhone, MAC PC and Windows (XP, 7, Vista)

Other Features:

Sophisticated VPN technology with Banana VPN server includes SSTP, PPTP and OpenVPN to satisfy consumers with confidentiality defense for their internet applications. This server lets you unblock every required website whilst protecting personal anonymity and you maximize privacy through bypass proxy, traffic filtration and self-monitored command.

Having affiliation with Banana VPN server, you connect your Android devices as well as Mac PC with extreme protection and third party becomes powerless because it cannot find access to your real IP address due to Banana VPN security. Applications of this server display your IP as location of UK, USA, Frankfurt and Canada.

Whether you are sharing your confidential data through Wi-Fi hotspots or personal computer, it is better to rely up this server for maintenance of privacy. Even in those countries where Yahoo, Skype and Google Talk are not available for common usage, you can use these prevented websites due to Banana VPN availability. Here is frank accessibility to IP address anonymity and security that leads you towards complete relaxation for web communication.

Banana VPN server grants users UK or American IP address in order to hide your actual location and IP address thus, you perform internet activities having confidence of privacy protection. Some countries block Facebook, Youtube and BBC but your connection with Banana VPN encourages making frank use of these restricted sites. It allows unlimited access to Pandora to enjoy wide range of music on your PC. If you install this server to monitor professional activities of your staff, it will meet your supervision interests without disturbing privacy of internet applications.

Due to across-the-board installation of Banana VPN server, users can enjoy banned sites of adults, gambling and poker feeling relaxed because no one else can penetrate through your web-based activities. Visiting 128-bit privacy tunnel, you can have a view of internet traffic but disrupting invaders cannot find access to your IP address or real location.

Tempting features of Banana VPN stimulate your confidence improving access to reliable confidentiality for every sort of internet communication and document sharing process. Privacy platform of Banana VPN eliminates network limitations and broadens your approach to the level of satisfaction and you can trust its performance.


Customer Reviews:

Privacy-preferring technology of Banana VPN supports customers’ intentions for web protection and they can shape their professional plans without bringing them into notice of shrewd commercial organizations. It hides user’s real IP address and actual location replacing both identity factors with another IP address and location of United States, Germany, Canada and United Kingdom.

Customers find it easy to pay installation charges through American Express, Diners Club, Carte Bleue, MasterCard, JCB, Visa, Solo and Discover. They can install it on PC/MAC, Android devices and other compatible devices to fulfill their secured web-based intentions. Attention grabbing features of this proxy server assure full privacy through anonymous VPN account.

Every sort of privacy-disturbing threat automatically eliminates when you connect your PC with Banana VPN server and you feel as it envelops your internet activities to save from interruption damages. Reliance of customers on this server never disappoints them bestowing with full privacy protection. They frankly involve in internet surfing and continue this process for long duration but third party namely business enterprises never dare to peep through their confidentially secured performance.

Impressive features of VPN Banana server are compatible with your requirements as well as with charges and your investment for the very server rewards you more than imagined expectations.