BeeVPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$14.99/month trial UK

$29.97/3month license all servers

$101.88/year license all servers

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden and France

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: IPSec and DTLS/SSL

Supported Platforms: Android devices, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Linux, Mac OS/X and Windows

Other Features:

You can get rid of annoying censorship that you have to face during internet applications with technical assistance of BeeVPN server. It makes you king-like administrator of your internet activities granting full command over confidential protection. Sometimes, government restricts some sites in order to prevent internet surfing for special causes but at the same time, this sort of censorship disturbs your professional as well as personal web communication.

BeeVPN server lets you move towards the world of freedom where there is no internet restriction and you can operate anything you want to do enjoying privacy of your applications. Even blocked television channels come into your access without displaying your IP address and certain location. BeeVPN improves your capability to manage with instant discovery of Disney, Netflix and Fox.

Getting support from IPSec and SSL/DTLS, users enjoy dynamic and shared IP address installing it on Mac, Android or Windows. From whichever country you have been operating, it displays Sweden, Denmark, France or United Kingdom as your location. You follow unlimited VPN account to make effective use of this technical advancement. Free trial is not available but you can try it availing currency back guarantee opportunity and in case of technical assistance, you can get online instructions to remove your confusion.

Proficient users give preference to pay $101.88/year in order to protect their privacy and for the very purpose, they make payment through Maestro, Visa, JCB, and MasterCard. You can turn your internet activities from better to excellent with dynamic contribution of BeeVPN. In this way, you secure overall web surfing from hacking agencies and enjoy status of an administrator of your own.

It is fundamental right of every internet user to have privacy for his surfing but it is not possible without BeeVPN server that hides your IP address from passing traffic and strengthens your security. With this server, you can unblock every banned site and continue your internet communication. It favors your intentions to visit P2P, unconstrained traffic, adult sites, Skype and many more.

BeeVPN server protects you employing personal firewall and with its virtual networking, your access to unblocking, anonymity, security and privacy becomes sure. You can prop up online marketing without having fear of interruption with BeeVPN. Live coverage of this server resolves privacy concerning issues and users have become more confident in their internet activities than ever before and credit for this miracle goes to BeeVPN.

Customer Reviews:

Great services of BeeVPN make customers realize for significant role of privacy in their web communications and users from all over the world have been appreciating this server. Straightforward installation of this server does not involve you into any confusion but if they find any inconvenience, they can frankly contact with welcoming service suppliers.

Users consider BeeVPN as the best and wonderful server as it shares its capacity to protect privacy of internet activities. There is nothing as valid for privacy protection as BeeVPN and customers’ satisfaction is proof of this statement. You can enjoy world tour practicing your internet activities and this server will never reveal your IP address and location for spying agencies.

It is beneficial to disconnect server connection when you finish your internet task thus you avoid surplus consumption of bandwidth and enjoys good downloading speed. Setup of BeeVPN does not take time and you can easily connect with server to stable your performance under your own confidential supervision.