Flash VPN Reviews


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


$7.99/month for Dedicated IP

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States, German and United Kingdom

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP VPN

Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows

Other Features:

Satisfying technology of Flash VPN server offers free of interruption access to regionally banned sites and internet users can frankly watch online TV shows. They have to pay no hidden charges for PPTP VPN setup and it is easy to absorb into internet surfing whilst displaying United States as your location. Instant installation of this server improves your confidence with protected Wi-Fi hotspots. More than satisfaction privacy in form of Flash VPN secures internet applications email, ICQ, AIM and Skype.

Striking features of Flash VPN are here to entertain your network privacy and you can try initial applications of this server with seven-day test. If it favors your intentions, you can install it following basic installation instructions after paying moderate charges through PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express. It hides your original IP address and location replacing it with another substitute. Service providers have no log of applicants in order to make privacy of internet searching sure.

Dedicated Flash VPN skips network filtering and monitoring to make you enjoy with blocked websites and restricted channels for your own satisfaction. When you install this well-configured server on your internet linked device, your network surfing remains anonymous for all those attackers who have personal interests in disturbing or interrupting others’ web-based activities. It does not create a difference either you make use of wireless connection or DSC internet, Flash VPN retains capacity to be compatible with every sort of network.

Supported protocol PPTP VPN along with unlimited bandwidth favors your confidentiality and no interrupter can hack or track your internet communication. Thus, you protect your private traffic from interlude hindrances created by commercial ventures. You may observe its validity due to military-grade encryption considering it as the most useful privacy security for your web-based purposes. Personal configuration of each network user remains beyond access of interrupting authorities and they can hack nothing regarding your confidential information in existence of Flash VPN.

If you are leaving your country for professional purposes on temporary basis, Flash VPN will serve you in the same way as it had been performing its task before and there happens no change in your assigned location and IP address. Loyal cooperation of this server works until its full capacity and power to defend its users against privacy-disturbing factors. In fact, online intruders employ every likely strategy to hack their target but they become helpless before Flash VPN.

Customer Reviews:

Customers living in under jurisdiction of non-corporative authorities as in Panama, Russia and China feel relaxed now with Flash VPN because before installation of this server, they have been facing too much restriction in internet surfing. This privacy-promising tool secures their confidentiality simultaneously granting them improved access to banned website.

If you have augmented your privacy with Flash VPN concerning its significance for internet activities, you made the best of investment of your life. Take step towards encrypted security of your internet applications with vibrant involvement of Flash VPN that is of superior quality server and customers from all over the world admit greatness of this technology.

For legal security there is no better alternative than this server, it retains every possible technique to secure its users. You can apply this outstanding service on professional as well personal purposes and it will maximize your privacy within the very moment you install it. Price for Flash VPN meets humble standards of budget restriction and even ordinary individuals can afford to install this pioneering server for the sake of their internet privacy.