Freedur Proxy Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$14.95 / month

$29.95 / 3 months

$49.95 for 6 months

$69.95 / year

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: L2TP, Proxy

Supported Platforms: Linux support, Mac, Windows (Vista, XP, 7), Android mobile, iPhone

Other Features:

Trusty and technical features of Freedur Proxy are nice combination of technical advancement and affordability. Through active applications of this service, you receive privacy protection as well as standard protocol on internet with L2TP VPN. It secures internet users from unwanted traffic thus; they get pleasure from absolute confidentiality while performing any web-based task. Setup of Freedur Proxy is very easy to install and it involves no complexity when users signup for initial downloading process but if you find any issue, you can contact liable services suppliers.

Experts offer online guidance via instructive chat or email in order to resolve installation issues regarding Freedur Proxy. Price for every package differs from each other and you will have to follow this range in accordance with your requirements, if you have interest, price plan is $14.95 / month, $29.95 / 3 months, $49.95 / 6 months and $69.95 / year. Activation of this server is possible on Linux, Windows and Mac and it takes a little time to hide your actual IP address and location with available location of server.

Currently, Freedur Proxy is not offering free of cost trial but if you feel satisfaction after having a view of its features; you should pay through PayPal or credit card because these two modes of payment are acceptable for service providers. With this dynamic VPN server, you can protect your iPhone, iPad, Mac PC or computer from hackers who have bad intentions to spoil your privacy. In fact, they have their commercial interests when they disturb your privacy on internet but in this way, you cannot learn something satisfactory from net surfing. This server offers highly developed features for professional as well as for personal requirements of web-based privacy.

In case of disappointment with performance of Freedur Proxy, buyer can cancel his registration applying for refunding but he can avail refunding opportunity within thirty days. It entertains your interests with SSL support, unconstrained bandwidth and many more. Here is gold version for convenience of willing internet users and it meets high standards with discount plans in order to share its privacy promising techniques with those who have deep yearning for this basic human right.

Customer Reviews:

Customers feel happy when they enjoy surety regarding their internet privacy due to Freedur Proxy and there is no doubt in it. They rely on maximized level of security in response of quick installation on their communication devices. No one can track your electronic footprints as well as activities on internet if you get technical assistance from Freedur Proxy. Thus, you intentionally hide your IP address and location replacing with that of an alternative IP.

Despite greatest tracking techniques, no commercial agency can peep through your internet activities or disturb your private traffic due to affectivity of Freedur Proxy. Experienced customers know massive difference between reliable privacy tool and unreliable one and they give preference to Freedur Proxy because of its promising features. This quality service augments your access to regionally blocked sites and TV channels where you can enjoy to the level of your satisfaction simultaneously displaying alternative IP for your original one.

Top class features of Freedur Proxy eliminate every sort of internet restriction for users leading them toward fully secured internet surfing. It gives guarantee to keep your confidential web-based activities in privacy preventing dangerous hackers.