GizlenVPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


Data Transfer: Unlimited / 50 GB

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Ireland, Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, United States, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Romania, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey, Czech, Germany

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP

Supported Platforms: iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows

Other Features:

Relaxing as well as beneficial feature of GizlenVPN server bestows its users with VPN service simultaneously offering dynamic location of twenty countries. It favors your interests employing supported protocol PPTP on available platform of Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac PC and Android devices. You may avail 100% concealed IP along with 128-bit encryption and dynamic traffic limit. Unrestricted plans of this Turkish VPN service support your confidential security interests with metered and unlimited VPN account.

Here is one restriction with GizlenVPN server; it does not retain compatibility with Torrent / P2P. Free of cost trial with this server is accessible for fifteen minutes and if internet users find any technical problem with instant installation of this server, they are free to get online guidance from proficient service suppliers. It enables you to absorb into net surfing with confidence of confidential security exclusive any third party interruption.

With assistance of GizlenVPN, users can visit censored websites in order to enrich their content-based performance. If you want to improve your internet proficiency along with maintaining your privacy, you need to get assistance from simple and straightforward applications of this rewarding server. If you do not feel satisfied with your assigned location, you can apply for changed location or IP address. You have to install this program after paying its required but reasonable charges.

Rewarding setup of GizlenVPN takes little time for browsing and increases your access to regionally banned sites as Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube and Twitter to find out required content within relaxing privacy. Account testing speed of this proxy is also very fast, users save their precious time and they can consume it in another internet activity.

Overall performance of GizlenVPN serves your intentions to the extent of satisfaction and it is helpful in confidential net surfing where you perform as your own administrator without threat of hackers or interrupters. This great and praiseworthy exposure of technology replaces your real IP address with available locations. You can use it for long-term purposes and it keeps your searching process continue without revealing your identity to commercial ventures.

Customer Reviews:

Modern-day customers give priority to reasonably priced GizlenVPN and consider it as the best solution for their confidential internet activities because its reliability compels them to have an experience with it. Irresistible performance of this proxy assures for frank access to ultra-fast and secured websites either you have regional restriction or not. It will be a happy experience for internet users to have a detailed view of various channels in order to augment the impression of their professional performance on internet.

Virtual contribution of GizlenVPN develops functionality of web-based activities with surety of absolute privacy protection. If you want to cultivate your competence in sphere of online marketing, it is essential for you to keep your activities confidential so that others may not disturb your privacy with intentions of spoiling their purity. It is up to the choice of users to select location as per to their interests and in case of dissatisfaction, they have a right to change it with assistance of service suppliers.

Internet infrastructure automatically turns into confidentiality when you install GizlenVPN for the sake of your personal security. Despite powerful hacking techniques, disturbing factors find no access to your confidential data and network approach.