Happy VPN Reviews


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


$39.99 / 3 months

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Germany, United Kingdom, United States

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols:  PPTP VPN

Supported Platforms: Mac PC, Windows, Android devices

Other Features:

Happy VPN provokes internet users to bypass blocked websites, content filtration and other web-based restrictions to improve your professional as well as personal performance. You can rely upon its striking features in order to enjoy with unrestricted traffic, internet surfing and TV watching whilst concealing real IP and location. If you are travelling from your native country to Qatar, Dubai, China or UAE, Happy VPN lets you avail communication opportunity with Skype. It is easy to share this reasonably priced setup with many computers because of its flexibility.

You may choose server location from Germany, United Kingdom and United States as per to your professional or personal preferences. Happy VPN server includes PPTP VPN plan to assure individuals’ privacy and acquires no initial charges for basic setup. You come across with unblocked Skype, adult sites and gambling with this technical tool. Insertion of server keeps online practice of every internet user anonymous as it retains capacity to replace real identity of user with another IP address and location.

Free test for quality inspection of Happy VPN is not available but paying $14.99/month through American Express, Visa, PayPal and MasterCard, you can enjoy absolute privacy on internet. Exceptional video streaming, unlimited traffic and access to poker and Skype is possible with contribution of powerful server. If you do not feel contentment even after installation, you can cancel this contract with currency return surety but within limited duration of thirty days. It does not matter either you remain online or offline, you enjoy anonymity on internet with shrewdly replaced IP and location.

Tracking or hacking is internet related problem that disturbs your confidential communication but if you successfully hide IP and location from hackers applying VPN applications, you find approach to required security. Various payment packages are here to facilitate your budget and it is your personal option to pick as per to your range. Happy VPN enables you to navigate on internet with self-assurance of privacy protection and you have to pay a little for this miraculous confidentiality.

Malicious interrupters having their own commercial interests try to spy other people’s online performance thus they disturb your beneficial intentions. Promising installation of Happy VPN protects you from such issues and you can surf blocked websites to perk up your performance. Living in Europe, you can watch FOX, ABC, NBC or CBS due to brisk activation of this server. Virtual support of this rewarding server leads its users towards absolute privacy defense where you can shield your web-based activities.

Customer Reviews:

Upcoming generation is crazy for privacy and never likes interruption in their personal affairs but their practice on internet touches to the edge of risk until they install Happy VPN server. They feel contented after creating VPN account as it unblocks regionally restricted websites as well as banned channels. They find this privacy-promising tool as the best available service for their online confidentiality.

Satisfied customers enjoy online anonymity downloading Happy VPN server after having precise view of its relaxing features. They cannot download torrent and P2P because they cause account suspension of server holder and he loses chance of refunding. Irrespective of legal restrictions, you become supreme overseer of your network with helpful server.

Privacy sensitive customers feel relaxed in association of Happy VPN server that is influential enough to shield your web-based activities. They boost up their confidence of net surfing due to privacy guarantee of this trustworthy server.