ItsHidden VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Unknown

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP VPN

Supported Platforms: Mac OS, Windows

Other Features:

ItsHiiden VPN offers frank access to PPTP VPN along with 128-bit connections exclusive of any setup software. It is easy to install on Mac OS or Windows but if you find any complexity in installation process, you can contact liable service providers. Paid and free accounts both are available for convenience of willing customers. Free trial for VPN is not accessible but if you have intentions to make its advantageous use, you can $9.99/month through PayPal.

Here is setup guide with whom inexperienced users of internet can remove their apprehensions regarding installation or utility approach to ItsHiiden VPN. Detailed pricing plan introduces $9.99 for monthly recurring, $12.99 for one time in a month, $24.99 for every three months and $44.99 for six months. It is the latest technique that protects your web-based confidentiality replacing real IP and location with another one.

Internet users may surely find ultimate security of privacy on internet with promising involvement of ItsHiiden VPN. When you install it after assessing its compatibility with that of your computer, it starts securing your privacy preventing interrupters peeping into your overall performance. It offers dedicated bandwidth up to 7-gigabits with outstanding speed simultaneously acquiring no configuration for port forwarding process.

Getting engage into reliable service of ItsHiiden VPN, you have instant access to absolute privacy and server does not allow keeping surfing record of internet users. First check quality of your internet connection and install later because if it is of inferior quality, you cannot enjoy good downloading speed with while absorbing into browsing or web-based communication. If you perform internet-based task without applications of server, commercial ventures can easily capture your confidential data in order to spoil it. This is why; it is indispensible to get technical assistance from this exceptional tool for the sake of online privacy security.

ItsHiiden VPN creates an encrypted connection between your communication device and VPN and in response, threat of third party itself eliminates. It assists you to maintain your online privacy without any software and this particular server retains compatibility with Linux, Mac, iPhones and Windows platforms. Through VPN applications, you can solve only privacy related issues but it never allows dealing with software package, speed problems and many more like these.

In case of lost password or username of ItsHiiden VPN subscriber, you can recover it clicking on top right link in login box. In busy hours, internet users may experience slow speed but it gets better after some time. If you sign in after logging out from server connection, you may enjoy better speed even during the busiest days. Connection with this server creates a tunnel that encrypts your data and provides excellently maintained level of internet security.

Customer Reviews:

Registered customers share positive opinion in favor of ItsHiiden VPN server and they are happy with its dynamic services because it has been protecting their online privacy with great care and regularity. According to these customers, it is the best VPN service that dedicatedly conceals your real IP address and location from access of professionally corrupted interrupters.

This dynamic insertion of ItsHiiden VPN technology brings good change in surfing behavior and confidence of using internet. With the technical support of this server, you can have access to advanced protection on internet where you can visit blocked websites and channels without any hindrance.

Customers have analyzed basic aim of ItsHiiden VPN and they appreciate its features that favor fundamental interests related to confidential security on internet. Their inclination towards this server secures online performance with its dynamic technology.