Blacklogic Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN





Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States (Texas, Washington DC, Chicago), Amsterdam (United Kingdom), Canada (Montreal, Ontario)

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: VPN, IPSec and PPTP

Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Linux, Android and Windows

Other Features:

Beat worldwide network censorship with virtual involvement of Blacklogic VPN server and protect your privacy through encrypted VPN tunnel. Affordability of this fabulous server secures confidentiality of your web-based documentation as well as communication. It allows you to make best use of internet without imposing any restriction. For anonymous internet surfing, you can rely on Blacklogic VPN that includes encrypted PPTP, SSTP and IPSec services.

It retains 128 – 2048 bit encryption and satisfies your privacy intentions concealing real location and IP address and it replaces it with fake one for unwanted spying traffic. It shields your internet activities from restrictive firewalls enhancing your access to uncensored internet surfing. It is applicable for geographically blocked regions and users may get pleasure from their access to restricted websites.

Blacklogic VPN retains capacity to turn slow and nonworking proxies into fast simultaneously hiding the location of users. It promises for great speed connectivity, 100% uptime of server, absolute privacy protection, no log and continual working behind firewalls. There is no alternative for this standard quality privacy and you enjoy routine surfing without interruption.

Pioneering contribution of Blacklogic VPN offers competitive features to relax internet users and extreme security of privacy waits for you. This cost effective server never reveals confidential identity of user rather it display a substitute to assure for more privacy security. You can protect your documental data exposing for community perusal with the help of VPN. You can cloak your final destination whilst protecting private traffic with instant installation of Blacklogic VPN server.

Your thirst for network privacy gets satisfaction when you connect your internet connection with Blacklogic VPN and it is the best decision on your part to get affiliation with this rewarding server. After applications of this server, you prevent interrupting traffic to have access to your account, web browsing, marketing activities and overall internet surfing. At the very moment, when you are busy on internet, server hides your IP address and confirms your privacy.

Encrypted tunnels of Blacklogic VPN connect users to extreme level of privacy and they can confidently enjoy online chat, email and streaming video exclusive of irritating interruption. Now in this advanced age, to conceal IP address or location is no more an issue because of VPN availability. This latest technology eliminates every restriction granting your liberty of visiting banned websites.

Customer Reviews:

Especially the customers with network privacy issues feel relaxed with emergence of Blacklogic VPN because they have found required solution and it is in accordance with their budget too. Speedy downloading and anonymous internet activities with VPN prevent harassment that commercial agencies create for their personal interests. Customers’ reviews reveal considerable protection level that they enjoy with Blacklogic VPN.

Without leaving your region, you find access to blocked apps and disturbing factors never get information regarding your concealed activities. Third party feels powerless because you have powerful server thus, advantageous VPN server engages you with premium privacy protection. If purchased VPN disconnects due to regional constraints, you can contact your supplier to make it stable.

Constantly improving service of Blacklogic VPN serves its users with reliable security and they can carry out their network-based communication without any disruption. Customers have to relish no fear of blacklisting or spamming in presence of VPN server that takes care of privacy of its users assuring leakage-proof protection for internet applications.