BlackVPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

10€/month for US, UK and EU

5€/month for EU only

5€/month for UK only

5€/month for US only

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: EU, United Kingdom and United States of America

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN and PPTP

Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Linux, Windows and Android

Other Features:

Globally acknowledged confidentiality defense of network activities with BlackVPN server has been gaining satisfying reputation for its rich features. It is in your access to download P2P from Lithuania, Netherlands and Russian servers keeping your personal status anonymous. Utilizing this server, you may multiply your net surfing enjoyment and you can watch Movies and TV even banned websites due to BlackVPN.

Instant installation of this server is possible on Mac OS/X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Android devices and Linux. Displayed server locations are United States of America, United Kingdom and EU and they get protocol support from PPTP and OpenVPN. Unconstrained VPN account imposes no restrictions to connect you with server. Free trial of VPN is not available, you need to pay 10€ / month to have experience with it.

User-friendly payment option includes PayPal, Credit cards, American Express, Visa, Discover and MasterCard. Flexibility of this server lets you change password or IP address for the sake of your privacy. In fact, freedom and privacy of internet users is on prior verge of service providers and they take care of this special provision. There is no logging of traffic and supplier does not take tension for whatever content you download or watch banned movies on your computer.

BlackVPN is a fight against network censorship and user may find frank access to regionally blocked content and websites. It does not matter, whether your country restricts AOL, MSN, IM, ICQ, Yahoo or Skype, you can use all these network facilities due to VPN. If you feel that despite VPN installation, someone else disturbs your privacy, you should contact liable supplier to assign another IP for instant solution of this problem.

Simple applications of BlackVPN prevent unwanted tracking hiding your real IP address due to encrypted tunnel. Privacy is the basic thing for which everyone has deep yearning and network confidentiality is possible with BlackVPN. It puts off ISP from bandwidth and speed capping your private traffic with the help of encrypted link that assures for relishing privacy protection. Customers from all over the world can enjoy full privacy for internet application and pay humble charges for this package.

Customer Reviews:

Bundle of appreciation for BlackVPN performance includes anonymous surfing along with protected encryption and this very server offers VOIP compatibility with Skype, Messenger and other chat options. They can share everything regarding business or private affairs with contemporary community having confidence of privacy.

Unsurpassed technology of VPN supports privacy related interests and this fastest security stabilize internet-based activities. Climax of privacy is available with a wonderful server that boosts up your internet surfing level employing every bit of confidentiality to secure your system and activities from turning into corrupted with dangerous censorship. When you get advantages of monitored and filtered VPN, it justifies your demand for privacy.

May be some users find technical issues with BlackVPN functioning but there is online facility of consultation for them and they can define it via email. Keep checking IP protocol and TCP for regular maintenance of privacy protection. You should intentionally stop exposing your personal IP after disconnection of VPN because recurrent affiliation between the both spoils bandwidth speed.

BlackVPN protects the precious privacy of your interference with web-based correspondence thus; you make effective use of universal human right “privacy” with the help of this server.