Boxpn VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN



Data Transfer: Unlimited /download 42.54 Mbps, upstream: 3.18 Mbps

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United Kingdom, France, United States, Germany and Canada

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: SSTP, L2TP, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Windows

Other Features:

Boxpn VPN offers unrestricted bandwidth to protect internet users’ confidentiality from likely interrupting threats. It lets you deal with web-based communication with full confidence leaving no third party disruption to disturb your privacy. Accounting price for Secure PPTP / L2TP is very moderate and you can make use of supporting platforms like Android device, Mac OS X, Windows, iPod, iPad and iPhone for VPN installation.

Fortunate members of Boxpn VPN relish genuinely approved privacy simultaneously displaying their location as from United States, Germany, France, Canada or United Kingdom. VPN server replaces their real location and IP address with that of another in order to provide full protection. There is great compatibility between SSTP protocol and Windows OS and initial users can adopt it to maximize their personal or professional benefits without exposing their privacy.

Before linking to Boxpn VPN, suppliers give preference to baseline test of speed and it meets download speed 42.54 Mbps and upstream 3.18 Mbps. Speed may differ due to varying locations but it must satisfies internet users. There is no complaint for encrypted traffic and users find it great facility while they engage with internet activities. If you intend to create well-configured connection for good speed of server, you should use browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

It secures overall internet activities and you may create an account for Anti-Malware filter paying $0.99/month and $1.99/month for Smartphone account. Reliability of Boxpn VPN depends upon its breeze setup and competitive quality performance. It allows you to have 100% command over protection of privacy while performing any internet related task. If you have been using an ipad or Smartphone, you need to add another account following reasonable charges for unlimited bandwidth. The most relishing feature of this server is currency return guarantee in case of dissatisfaction but generally, it never happens.

Globally recognized Boxpn VPN server retains status of backbone in the world of internet users who have deep yearnings for privacy and this fastest service of privacy protection is a blessing for such individuals. Exceptional dedication of this upgraded server retains capacity to meet advanced demands for privacy within the means a user wants to afford.

Customer Reviews:

Extensively experienced customers of Boxpn VPN server feel comfortable and relaxed due to complete security of web-based privacy and they appreciate its uninterrupted services. According to these users, Boxpn VPN provides remarkably secure, stable and fast privacy concealing their IP address and real location. Maximum security and speed are on prior verge of this server and internet operator enjoys location display of United States of America and Europe instead of his real location.

When customers find access to encrypted traffic due to Boxpn VPN server, they have access to anonymous and secured internet activities. Despite powerful monitoring capacity, government agencies and ISP cannot peep into your web communication as well as into browsing activities. This server filters everything to protect your system from malware or viruses so that you may not face disruption while receiving private traffic.

Boxpn VPN server improves access to various restricted or banned websites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix and Pandora and it unblocks every site you want to have a visit. No restriction on internet for those who get technical assistance from Boxpn VPN and they can enjoy extreme liberty along with privacy protection for internet applications.