Castle VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

Standard $7 to $9/month

Premium $16 to $19/month

$84/ year

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Portland, United States

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN

Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X, iPod Touch, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Linux

Other Features:

Your plan for confidential protection meets its climax with Castle VPN that offers specific server location of United States and Portland. Reliable connection of VPN supports organic speed 256-bit in order to provide unlimited bandwidth around 10Mbps. It does not involve any complexity when you install it on Mac, Windows, iOS devices and Linux utilizing premium account option.

Discount pricing plans are available for convenience of those who have to manage with restricted budget. For basic privacy, you have to pay $3 - $4 / month, $7 - $9 / month for standard privacy, and $16 - $19 / month for premium and unlimited range. Castle VPN introduces OpenVPN as supported protocol simultaneously granting dynamic/shared IPs with unlimited speed capped VPN account.

Interested individuals can avail wonderful option of seven-day free trial having surety of currency return warranty and after satisfaction; they can utilize payment options from range of PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, Credit card, Amex and Visa. Cool features of this promising server conceal your confidential data from exposing it to everyone. It envelops your web-based activities due to 256-bit military grade encryption.

Castle VPN assures certain separation between VPN account and customer account whilst securing your logs. It accelerates exclusively fast internet privacy and seems user-oriented due to its relaxing features. Newly interested users may enjoy discount offers after signing up for unconstraint VPN plans. Spacious realm of technology multiplies its services in for of Castle VPN to facilitate internet users with transparent protection of privacy. Dynamic involvement of this server augments your confidence and you can deal with private business interaction without having fear of third party interruption.

Now, to protect confidentiality of your personal and professional internet activities is not a problem because availability of Castle VPN has made it easy. It is a good blend of anonymity and encrypted protocols that make you feel under solid cover of privacy protection. It is up to the user to install this server on any compatible device or computer to remove every likely threat of disruption. Major goal of this server is to provide full privacy transmitting anonymous link to its users.

It empowers you to have internet operating ability securing privacy and it legal installation has made it more popular among privacy conscious individuals. Working in connection with Castle VPN gives your privacy protection in your own hands and no one else can penetrate into it without your permission. This server saves your commercial dealings, corporative communication and private infrastructure from vulnerable traffic.

Customer Reviews:

Esteemed customers having access to Castle VPN like to share with others, they have been getting pleasure from secured privacy regarding their internet activities. They just have to create an account for payment process and it imposes no restrictions for domestic or professional users. They transfer data through internet feeling sure that passing traffic may interrupt their privacy and this certainty is due to VPN server.

Castle VPN is pride of modern technology and it removes every apprehension regarding privacy protection. Interrupting invader cannot keep your confidential log to impure taste of internet communication. Installation of this server hides your IP address preventing annoying traffic from tracking or monitoring your web-based activities. According to legal applications of this server, you enjoy replaced IP address and server location rather than endangering your personal identity.

Customers have to follow no limitation regarding traffic because this server protects your privacy to the level of satisfaction exclusive of restricting your internet activities. Reasonably charged price for Castle VPN never goes futile and meets every level of required privacy.