Cienen VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$9.95/month for Shared IP + all servers

$14.95/month for Dedicated IP + one server

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: L2TP VPN, PPTP

Supported Platforms: iphone, iPad, Mac OS/X, Windows, Linux

Other Features:

Prevailing recognition of Cienen VPN relies upon its rich and rewarding features, free of risk access to protected internet activities is possible with this server. This speedy server along with advanced infrastructure network amuses its users with wonderful privacy protection. With quick installation of Cienen VPN server, internet users have to face no buffering issues in video streaming.

99.99 % VPN uptime is an additional feature of this server and you can visit any banned site without showing your real IP address. L2TP and PPTP support VPN giving you opportunity to install it on Windows, Symbian S60, Android device, iPhone, Mac and iPad. Users have to pay $9.95 / month to maximize their privacy and this pricing plan covers-up IP network. Instead of displaying your actual location or IP address, server shows United States or United Kingdom as VPN location.

Dedicated IP address maintains PPTP and L2TP protocols along with unconstrained VPN account and you can enjoy free trial of twenty minutes. Here is also an option of online guidance in case of technical complexity. For payment, you may use credit card and there is no bandwidth restriction to secure internet privacy. This excellent privacy-promising tool provides the best services for secured video streaming, online channel searching and buffering-free internet surfing.

Continuously working staff, promises to supply service twenty-four hours to assist willing users of internet with full privacy protection. You will surely love to enjoy privacy for internet communication while dealing your professional clients or sharing feelings with your social contacts. Loyal protection of confidentiality is accessible with Cienen VPN server that takes special care of your internet security by concealing IP address.

When you share your IP account with other users, it does not disturb bandwidth speed and you enjoy same speed of download even after sharing your account. Utilizing various protocols, you receive reliable confirmation for privacy. Quality server protects online banking, online communication and internet-based activities whilst substituting your home, city, working location and country with location of another supposed country.

If you are crazy for internet privacy along with enjoyable bandwidth, Cienen VPN server will be the best choice on your part that suits your interests. In case of changing regional location, you do not have to face replaced IP address that masks your privacy.

Customer Reviews:

Customers bothering for internet privacy find convenient solution in form of Cienen VPN server. It secures internet confidentiality saving PC or Android devices from likely threats of interruption. There is need to install server that leads towards premium quality security without involving your system into functional complexity. Choosy-natured customers give preference to their privacy and never like other individuals’ interruption in their personal affairs.

They consider Cienen VPN server as obstruction that stops unwanted traffic to have a view of your personal activities by spamming or hacking. Well-accomplished technology amuses users providing full privacy security and entertaining their interests. This encrypted and secure package of privacy enables the users to perform their internet activities with full confidence. Customers are fortunate enough to have connection with VPN server because they take pleasure in confidential security.

Suppliers of Cienen VPN take responsibility to guide customers and they instantly reply for your email. No authority can incarcerate or monitor your web-based communication when you make use of privacy-securing server. High-quality privacy is not accessible without compelling installation of Cienen and its charges are very modest.