Cotse VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$7.95/month for VPN

$5.95/month for Internet Shield

$9.95/month for Socks Plus

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Linux, iPad, Windows, iPod Touch, iPhone, Mac OS/X

Other Features:

Multiple features of Cotse VPN include OpenVPN, proxy and SSH-tunneling for the sake of internet users’ privacy. It replaces their location and IP address with the location of United States and the most interesting feature of server is that you can avail this privacy-promoting service on Linux, iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows. It offers PPTP and OpenVPN as supported protocols along with dynamic/shared IP address and unlimited VPN account.

Free trial for Cotse VPN is not available but you can have good experience with it paying through PayPal, money order and credit card. This unbeatable server retains flexibility to secure your privacy and it does not compromise even over slight interruption. Wonderful features and functions of this exceptional server improve your business capabilities as well as personal communications. Only one click accomplishes your privacy concerning intentions and you become in touch with advanced email services under your own supervision.

Cotse VPN hides real IP address of internet operators and assures for absolute protection. If anyone tries to harass or track you, it stops identity thieves and cyberstalkers from having access to your internet activities. No one can stalk your emails, forums or communication when you put a solid barrier of Cotse VPN server. There remains no risk of external jeopardize when your system entertains affiliation with standard quality server.

Quality based and encrypted Cotse VPN favors your selected internet applications relying upon its compatibility with multiple browsers like Firefox, Eudora, Thunderbird and Mozilla. Independent server works on OSX, Linux and Windows with full encryption and no one else can peep through your instant messaging, mailing, surfing or other activities you perform on internet. Even members of your family cannot have access to your private network due to concealed location and IP address.

Web proxies along with Cotse VPN secure your web-based privacy and you can frankly make use of internet while sitting in public libraries, cyber cafes or other places. Automatic filtration with this server keeps your system free from likely threats of viruses. It enables you to customize your installed configurations or browsing speed in accordance with your requirements. It unblocks every banned website to favor your internet surfing and everyone with constrained budget can afford this generous privacy option.

Customer Reviews:

Privacy-shielding Cotse VPN amuses customers with wide-ranging freedom of internet surfing propping up the most required privacy. Willing subscribers of this service protect their web-based confidentiality simultaneously enjoying unmetered data transferring capability. Users find its speed outstanding because of unlimited VPN connection. Third person cannot interrupt between service subscriber and his privacy.

Shielded IP address increases your approach to blocked channels and websites and you can enjoy freedom with combination of privacy. You can protect everything valuable like credit card information, passwords, bank accounts or logins with installation of high-tech Cotse VPN. It never broadcasts your IP rather it conceals it to mask your activities through VPN application. Well, in this modern age, you do not need to stick to restricted network when there is fortunate opportunity of reliable server.

Customers become confident administrators of their own when they successfully hide their location and IP by installing cost-effective Cotse VPN. Interrupting traffic cannot find access to your VPN account until you expose your address otherwise you can enjoy extreme privacy to the moment of your need. Instant responding service of this server makes you familiar with everything you want to be. Wonderful connection of server acquires fewer charges but meets your privacy intentions more than your imagined approach.