Darknet VPN Reviews


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

€5 / month

€14 / 3 months

€27 / 6 months

€49 / 12 months

€89 / 2 years

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Sweden

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Android, Linux, Windows, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Mac OS/X

Other Features:

Technically approved Darknet VPN server involves OpenVPN and PPTP as supported protocols whilst offering locations in Sweden. All the time users can connect it after paying €5/month and they can install it on Linux, Mac and Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Android devices, iOS and iPhone. It provokes users to protect their IP address and location replacing with other ones and for the very purpose, dynamic/shared IP along with unrestricted VPN account is available.

Currently, free trial of Darknet VPN is not accessible but if you want to test either, it suits your interests or not, you can pay through credit card to have an experience with it. In case of technical guidance, users can contact online instructors via email. It lets anonymous users of VPN enjoy with unconstrained bandwidth, access to blocked websites and encrypted connection.

Darknet VPN server grants confidential IP address to cover-up your actual identity from privacy spoiling factors and it keeps your internet activities in absolute anonymity. It never has a record of your confidential details that you provide for initial signing up procedure. Having connection with this server, you may multiply your competence to have access to censored internet surfing.

It is not beyond capability to safeguard online identity and surf anonymously with the help of Darknet VPN tunnel that enables its users to conceal themselves shrewdly. This encrypted connection never reveals anything about users rather it masks every private data, sharing, downloading and any other internet activity. Even your personal ISP feels helpless, as it cannot tap your private traffic despite hard struggle.

When a user makes use of Darknet VPN, he receives same IP number as others receive this is why, his electronic footprints ends at server without leaving any data. Thus, he performs anonymous activities without fear of other factors’ interruption. If your country blocks some websites or channels, you can visit them with the help of Darknet VPN because it retains capacity to unblock every site and regionally banned channels.

Darknet VPN leads its users to the edge of censored content allowing them to have pleasant activities with relaxation of complete confidentiality. Main purpose of this server is to protect your internet privacy without logging their personal traffic or allowing third party to interrupt your private applications on internet.

Customer Reviews:

Dedicated customers of Darknet VPN find its installation quick and rewarding as they have saved their identity and location from contemporary commercial ventures that may spoil their privacy. Moderately charged prices for various packages are affordable for ordinary individuals who are conscious of their internet privacy.

Customers can open their VPN account anonymously by entering a valid email ID while connecting to Darknet VPN server. Their replaced IP address prevents internet surveillance and unwanted inspection protecting your privacy to the extent of satisfaction. Of course, users find it great to enjoy their privacy and increased access to geographically banned websites.

Despite prevailing democracy, Darknet VPN provides full security to the confidentiality of its users and they can surf anonymously exclusive of any third party interruption. Matchless anonymity is nowhere else except Darknet VPN and its impressive features satisfy internet users with enjoyable privacy.

Today, if you are willing to do something valuable on internet, you should take care of privacy otherwise passing traffic may damage your performance impression. Darknet VPN is the only solution of internet privacy matters that retains capacity to favor your interests.