HideMyNet (HMN) VPN Reviews


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Montreal, Canada, United Kingdom, London, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Frankfurt, Germany, Romania, Singapore

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN

Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X, Android, Windows, Mac OS/X, iPhone, iOS and iPad

Other Features:

HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server is standard quality exposure of web-based confidential security and it involves supported protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP for quick accomplishment of your interests. User-friendly installation of this technically advanced tool allows internet users to download it on Mac OS/X, Android devices, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, iPhone and iPad. For payment options, you can rely upon Google checkout as well as on PayPal because both the options are acceptable for service suppliers.

Willing members of HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server deserve for HTTP proxy without paying additional charges. Dynamic VPN service offers unlimited VPN access in return of $15/quarter and $50/year with seven countries as server location. If you are not familiar with this advanced technology and feel confused with its quick responding installation, technical support is accessible through email. Flexible compatibility of server makes it favorable for your mobile devices as well as for Mac PCs. After connecting with rewarding applications of server, users find it relaxing when they enjoy hidden IP address and actual location.

Absolute surety for internet related privacy is not an issue if you have access to HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server because of its approved contribution is visible in sphere of internet users. For suitable browser, you may select from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. You can also become fortunate member of this service after paying initial charges simultaneously saving surplus consumption of valued amount. You can enjoy reliable networking with surety of privacy that augments your confidence of online searching related to banned websites.

Regardless of expenses, customers feel pride if they have proximate connection with HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server. It connects them to rewarding technology that safeguards confidential data of computer operator or internet users hiding his real IP and location from annoying interruption of commercial ventures or non-government organizations. If you have intentions to make your online business prosperous, you should shield your performance from trackers.

It increases your access to use Wi-Fi connection on public spots and without fear of hacking because HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server retains exceptional techniques to hide your real identity. You should not feel confused with straightforward installation of this server that satisfies your corporative intentions as well as record of personal affairs with which you deal on internet.

Customer Reviews:

Customers share their opinion regarding beneficial applications of HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server that turns you from common internet user into administrator of your online performance. They rely on this miraculous technology and give preference to consume their valued amount to purchase it because they are aware of the fact that they cannot hide their actual identity from hacking without it.

They consider HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server as the most dedicated server because of its easy to use procedure of installation. Price range also suits community with average budget and those who do not want to compromise over quality of privacy, they should frankly buy it. You can make use of this server on large scale same that of online banking, advertising privacy and many more as well.

Majority of customers appreciate praiseworthy contribution of HideMyNet (HMN) VPN server because they have been making promising use of this technology whilst enjoying the most wanted privacy security. When initial users come across with vibrant and sophisticated features of this server, they also never like to leave it without praising this modern-day necessity.