Hostizzle VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$4 / month for OpenVPN

$2 / month for PPTP

Data Transfer: Unlimited / 1,000 GB

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Europe, United States

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows

Other Features:

Hostizzle VPN reflects modern-day technology through its rich and relaxing features that involve OpenVPN and PPTP as supported protocols with unrestricted data transferring opportunity. You can enjoy server location like Europe or United States whilst hiding your real identity and location with installation of Hostizzle VPN. Members of this premium quality server have excellent command over their precious privacy 100 GB usage capacity. You can install it on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS/X to maximize their proficiency to perform cost-effective tasks.

It offers dynamic/shared IP address along with unlimited VPN account concealing your real IP address and location. It replaces IP address with another to shield privacy of internet users and regardless of high potency tracking system, no one can have access to your sensitive details or confidentially browsed content. In fact, installation of Hostizzle VPN is very simple but if you have no experience in this particular sphere, you may get technical support from expert services providers via email.

If you are willing for OpenVPN service, you need to pay $4 / month and for PPTP $2/month through credit card. Simultaneous users of Hostizzle VPN have access to 150TB bandwidth but for availing such dynamic offers, it is indispensible to create your personal VPN account. Installation of this server enhances your full control over internet activities and you can penetrate into banned websites due to technical advancement of this online service. If regional constraints block PPTP, OpenVPN is here along with 1024-bit SSL/TLS to add more in your privacy.

Paid customers of Hostizzle VPN may enjoy their unmetered, unrestricted and uncapped access to privacy promising server location that never exposes even timely registered and synchronized details of internet users. Suppliers of this server grant monthly certificates to refresh their service and assure your affiliation with US Datacenter. When you engage into encrypted tunnel creating VPN account, you receive confirmation for instant access to outstanding bandwidth.

Hostizzle VPN protects privacy of your web-based communication masking your IP address and location from interrupting traffic and you can frankly make use of Wi-Fi Hotspot on public places without having fear of hacking. It enables you to bypass eavesdropping and traffic filtering and you can order for it online. Privacy-oriented server provides unique IP address to its subscribers and you can browse every sort of content confidently. This globally recognized server acquires a little but grants its users more than their expectations.

Customer Reviews:

Rewarding platform of Hostizzle VPN facilitates its enthusiastic customers with absolute privacy for web-based applications. They find no alternative for this matchless online service that meets their targets leading their professional as well as personal life towards progress. When you hide your IP and location from online intruders or hackers with this server, you protect your competence to compete leading generation.

Hostizzle VPN augments your confidence for net surfing exploring more and more banned sites and channels for instant satisfaction of your intellectual curiosity. Terms and conditions for quick installation of this promising server are not difficult to follow as services providers take great care of such delicate matters for convenience of internet users.

Add security to your internet privacy and enjoy elite status of your own administrator having association with Hostizzle VPN. It prevents every sort of interruption as well as violation from outside threats securing privacy on upper level. Proficient users of internet rely on this advanced service because of its well-configured features and user-friendly applications.