Hotspot Shield VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

Free of cost

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States of America

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: software for Hotspot Proxy & Hotspot VPN

Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X, Windows, Linux

Other Features:

Privacy shielding Hotspot Shield VPN offers United States server location simultaneously replacing IP address and actual location of server subscriber with unique and undetectable IP. It is available for Linux, Windows Vista, Window XP, Windows 7 and iPhone and you are free to install it on your favorite communication device as per to your preferences. Supported protocols of this Hotspot VPN server include proxy software and VPN software.

With dynamic / shared IPs and Ad-supported VPN account are relishing features of Hotspot Shield VPN and for more information, you can contact service provider via online chat. The most beneficial and enjoyable factor is that you can use it without paying any price but you can avail this opportunity allowing heavy advertisement with installation of Hotspot Shield VPN. It assures online anonymity along with secure privacy assigning an IP address to favor your interests.

Hotspot Shield VPN conceals everything regarding web session, personal information, online shopping details and data employing HTTPS encryption. There remains no threat of online identity theft your internet-based performance displays altered IP address for the sake of your privacy. You have to face no bypass firewalls or censorship while searching for banned content due to unlimited bandwidth. It shields your confidential details from snoopers existing at corporate offices, hotels, Wi-Fi hotspots and airports.

Privacy conscious individuals may use Hotspot Shield VPN on wired as well as wireless connections relying upon unrestricted bandwidth but you have to place authorized share button of service provider on your personal blog or website. If you have intentions to share your good feelings with social colleagues or friends and want to keep them secret also, Hotspot Shield is the only technique that reclaims your online privacy without compromising over quality of service. Professional community can also make rewarding use of this sophisticated standard server. You just have to download original image of this server on your nicely configured website and automatic activation of this server fulfills your privacy concerning desires.

Unsurpassed technology of Hotspot Shield VPN prevents third party hackers penetrating into your top-secret data, web browsing or web-based communication. Internet users may get pleasure from premium domain of privacy with comfortable installation of this special software. It provokes your confidence to perform online business activities with surety of encryption. If you have propensity to travel from one country to another and want to continue your internet related practice, this quality server keeps working without interruption.

Customer Reviews:

Upcoming generation relishes passionate yearnings for internet privacy and they give preference to find out something reliable in this respect, this is the reason Hotspot Shield VPN has been gaining increasing popularity among privacy conscious internet users. They appreciate relaxing features of server after having advantageous experience with it.

Maintenance of privacy for internet users is on prior verge of Hotspot Shield VPN that is free for every sort of customers. In fact, it acquires expansion of advertisement this is why does not charge any price for service. Customers giving value to their confidential security must install it relying upon its revenue promising capacity in form of securing your online performance from spiteful hackers.

Of course, Hotspot Shield VPN is of superior quality server that pays first attention to absolute security of your privacy. It is just like an online barrier that never allows others or leading traffic to enter into the realm of your web-based activities.