HotSpotVPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$10.88 to $13.88 / month for OpenVPN

$8.88 / month for PPTP

$158 / year for VPN access

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN & PPTP

Supported Platforms: Android, Mac OS/X, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows, Snow Leopard OS X

Other Features:

Pure and promising HotSpotVPN server invites internet users from all over the globe offering server location of United States along with supported protocols of OpenVPN and PPTP. It scans malware or virus infections from traffic stream in order to keep preserve continuation of your online performance. It offers the most powerful encryption to connect you to required privacy security whilst increasing your access to geographically restricted websites or online channels.

Trouble-free applications of HotSpotVPN are easy to download on Linux, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, iPads and Snow Leopard OS X due to its great compatibility with these platforms. It also supports Nokia, Droid Phones, PocketPC, Symbian and other Nokia tablets for expanded accomplishment of leading privacy requirements. Despite inactivation of ISP, it is easy to use VOIP and it is good news for budget conscious individuals that they have to pay no hidden charges for this outstanding services.

It is up to preferences of interested internet user to make good selection from wide range of protocols and VPN ports. With involvement of HotSpotVPN server, you can optimize your device for video streaming, VOIP and privacy expansion and this whole process consumes little bandwidth. It is accessible with dynamic/shared IP address along with unrestricted VPN account and you can maximize your online privacy due to replaced IP address and location.

Firewall augments level of privacy when you combine it with reliable OpenVPN and PPTP protocols of HotSpotVPN server thus, internet users can enjoy interruption free online activities. They can frankly visit banned sites as well as regionally restricted TV channels but free trial for this very server is not available rather you have to follow pre-planned pricing plan to meet your intentions. For OpenVPN, you need to pay $10.88 to $13.88 / month, for PPTP$8.88 / month and for hardware firewall $158 /year. You can avail payment options from Checkout or PayPal account because both the modes of payment are acceptable for service suppliers.

Sophisticatedly advanced version of HotSpotVPN server offers encrypted tunneling to fight against annoying interruption of outside factors that disturb your online activities hacking confidential plans. Easy to use subscription of this server promotes your privacy and interrupters can view only replaced IP address and location of internet user instead of having access to his real identity.

Customer Reviews:

Exceptional opinion about useful utility of HotSpotVPN server is that customers are frantic for their privacy and they have found solution of their issues in form of this server. It is appropriate for professional and private internet users as it retains enough capacity to cover all privacy requirements with virtual contribution of VPN. Switching with HotSpotVPN leads you towards extensively protected privacy on internet.

HotSpotVPN server is legal technology that prevents privacy spoiling factors from making interruption in your personal or professional affairs. You may expand your online business keeping it secret with the help of this server. Customers are glad for having connection with this rewarding tool because they have been satisfying their internet related activities without interruption of passing traffic.

Sensitive nature individuals give preference to install HotSpotVPN server because they are aware of its gainful features and recommend others to have proximate connection with it. It will be gratifying investment on part of conscious individuals to rely on a server as it promises for more internet privacy than your imaginations.