Ideal VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

€4, 90 / month

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: France

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP

Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X, Windows, Linux

Other Features:

Ideal VPN offers PPTP technology along with dynamic/shared IP address for your Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS X. you may connect to french server location whilst enjoying beneficial features of vpnGuardian software. For unrestricted VPN, customers have to pay €4, 90 / month but server location is available in France alone for which they have to create metered or unlimited VPN account.

It is convenient to connect with Ideal VPN server from anywhere exclusive of following zone or time restrictions. Free testing experiment for this very server is no currently available but you can easily buy this setup after getting online technical support. For completion of your task, it is essential to follow pricing plan paying humble amount through PayPal account. Matchless privacy protection assists internet users when they want to hide their IP address and location from leading interrupters.

You may observe visible applications of Ideal VPN through its capacity to hide your IP and location when you have been using compatible browser like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera in order to make enjoyable use of MSN, P2P, Skype or Instant Messaging. Even powerful and skilled hackers cannot spy your online activities because of your affiliation with this privacy-securing server. Despite their strategic plans, they cannot have access to your confidential data as well as private traffic.

Ideal VPN is available with unlimited bandwidth and moderate price range that favors your budget through availability of UDP / TCP ports. You do not have to install extra software to establish reliable connection of VPN with your device. It takes roundabout thirty seconds for configuration process and even inexperienced internet users can install it without any difficulty. An encrypted tunnel protects overall internet related performance strictly preventing others to intercept your private traffic.

128-bit PPTP protocol maintains anonymity of internet users replacing their actual IP and location with another one. It lets you use Wi-Fi hotspot without having threat of third party interruption and you can perform your web-based activities on any public place. It records nothing regarding confidential information of server subscriber and this is enough for surety of its privacy securing contribution. At the very moment when you come forward with an intention of subscribing this connection, you receive vpnGuardian license.

Fortunate internet users give preference to have a connection with Ideal VPN, as they are aware of it irresistible contribution for permanent security of privacy. They can perform web-based tasks in order to augment their proficiency in sphere of internet simultaneously concealing their real IP address and location from passing traffic.

Customer Reviews:

Privacy conscious customers find fortunate opportunity to secure their private traffic and confidential data on internet with assistance of Ideal VPN. According to their frank opinion, this matchless as well as unsurpassed server is reliable for its great compatibility with common interests of internet users. Having access to this dynamic technology, they can visit geographically banned sites with full confidence of privacy.

After accepting terms of service, customers enjoy full command over their web-based communication and become administrator of their own. There is no challenge from side of hackers with Ideal VPN security and no one can monitor your online performance due to this worldly approved barrier.

Customers having association with Ideal VPN consider it as pride of technology and rely on its rewarding features for the sake of their confidentiality. Praiseworthy features of this server compel internet users to have a good experience of secure privacy with it.