IdentityCloaker Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

€12.97 / month

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Czech Republic

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: SSH Tunnel / Proxy

Supported Platforms: Windows

Other Features:

Exceptional standard IdentityCloaker VPN server offers life-assisting features like SSH tunneling, premium proxy and Windows as supported platform. Although, it is not absolute solution for internet privacy intentions yet you may enjoy online liberty along with interruption free access to banned sites. In order to hide your IP address and actual location, you need to pay only €12.97/month through PayPal or credit card because they are acceptable modes of options for service providers.

Czech Republic server location is available with quick responding IdentityCloaker VPN server and you may enjoy dynamic/shared IP address along with unlimited VPN account. Server imposes torrent/P2P restrictions on initial users and you can contact service providers for more details via online chat. You cannot have access to free trial for VPN applications but if you have interest, you can purchase it following budget friendly pricing plan.

Recreation of life depends upon privacy and security and this precious amenity is possible with IdentityCloaker VPN server that acquires little amount to grant its users with more than their expectations. You can encrypt your confidential data from data thieves, trackers, hackers and spammers concealing your real identity and location with straightforward involvement of this server.

IdentityCloaker VPN server protects your from becoming an easy prey of professional hackers who spoil your web-based privacy for their malicious goals. Insertion of this privacy-protecting tool assures full command over internet and you can share your professional documents as well as personal affairs with private traffic exclusive of third party interruption. Sophisticated technology of this server serves fundamental requirement of upcoming generation employing encryption techniques to secure their online privacy.

Internet users may protect their web-based activities with IdentityCloaker VPN server and they can enjoy this service while travelling from one country to another with same continuation of their performance. It is a good combination of affordability and reliability and proficient users of internet like to spend their amount for this quality standard server. Intelligence agencies, sensitive organizations and military can confidently make use of this promising server.

Quick installation of IdentityCloaker VPN server does not consume a lot of time rather you find it instantly responding technology that shields your overall internet-based activities due to encrypted tunneling. There remains no threat related to outside interruption in your browsing, chatting, voice communication when you preferably install this helpful server as per to your requirements. If you want to survive along with integrity of survival in the world of internet, you should not delay installation of IdentityCloaker VPN server.

Customer Reviews:

With active involvement of IdentityCloaker VPN server, customers are happy and relaxed because they have explores something rare that saves their confidentiality leading them towards worldwide exploration. This internet privacy does not expose your online practice with banned websites or regionally restricted channels with full self-reliance of privacy.

They are cultivating multiple advantages of IdentityCloaker VPN server and enjoying extreme level of privacy protection. It has augmented their competence to continue online banking, marketing and any other business venture without fear of hacking. It is easy to conceal real IP address and regional location with application of this particular server.

Customers have to bear no apprehension regarding their privacy concerns on internet with supportive IdentityCloaker VPN server. It unblocks every blocked website and they can perform their routine web-based tasks with confidence of confidential security. If you want to share marketing campaigns, advertising data or private affairs with private traffic, you can get sure assistance from active contribution of this server.