Ipredator VPN Reviews


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

150SEK / 3 months

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Sweden

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN

Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows

Other Features:

Ipreadtor VPN server offers reliable location of Sweden along with PPTP and OpenVPN protocol support. Internet users can easily install it on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS/X relying upon compatibility of this server with these particular platforms. There is no restriction of time and zone for instant installation; willing individuals have to pay only 150SEK / 3 months to enjoy beta testing option along with OpenVPN.

With dynamic/shared IPs and unlimited VPN account, you have to follow no restrictions thus; it becomes easy for you to install it after viewing various relaxing features. Free trial for Ipreadtor VPN server is not available at present but if you find its features persuasive, you can get online support to know how to purchase it. Service providers recommend following 150SEK / 3 months pricing plan through credit cart option of payment.

If you have been using Windows XP on your computer, you need to follow network related instructions and control panel settings before installing Ipreadtor VPN server. You can create shortcut in order to check connection availability and when installation ends, you need to click Finish option. In case of dissatisfaction with overall performance of this server, you can cancel its installation with surety of currency return policy.

After initial settings of Ipreadtor VPN server, you have full authority over your internet-based activities and there remains no apprehension regarding privacy interruption. You can frankly use or reject utility of this server that assists to accomplish your desire for web-based privacy security. You can perform nonstop tasks on internet exclusive of third party disruption because of replaced IP and location. This substituted identity keeps you in touch with your private traffic and you can confidently share everything with it.

Well-configured installation procedure of Ipreadtor VPN server has won appreciation from conscious internet users and they love to conceal their identity with this promising server. If you give preferences to online security issues, you will surely like to connect with a technology that performs job of a barrier to prevent hackers from you confidential data. Simple applications of this server along with VPN encrypt tunneling favors professional as well as personal privacy on internet.

Check quality of your internet connection before installing Ipreadtor VPN server because if it is of inferior standard, you cannot find required performance from this rewarding server. It retains no drawback rather if offers enjoyable privacy security to turn your online performance into more confident and reliable task. It enables its users to visit geographically banned websites as well as TV channels to augment existing level of internet performance.

Customer Reviews:

Customers from all over the globe enjoy online privacy security with healthy contribution of Ipreadtor VPN server that retains rich features for convenience of internet users. Proficient internet users are sure for purity of server and know it does not involve American software for encryption purposes. Getting satisfied with reliable performance of VPN server, they give priority to make its proper use for their professional or private purposes.

Impressive contribution of Ipreadtor VPN server inspires customers to have an advantageous experience with it. Whether you are going to absorb into web-based communication, net surfing or browsing, this server may lead you to the final destination without any interruption. This authoritative server acquires reasonable price for its precious and matchless services.

If you want to enjoy full privacy security in order to protect your data as well as online performance from privacy spoiling factors, Ipreadtor VPN server will be the most appropriate choice on your part.