Ivacy VPN Reviews


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: USA

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: IPSec, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows

Other Features:

Virtual network of Ivacy VPN server includes Linux, Mac OS/X and Windows as supported platforms in order to connect you with server location of United States of America. It assure for web-based confidential security with contribution of IPSec and PPTP technology simultaneously allowing unlimited VPN along with dynamic/shared IPs. It bypasses firewalls to remove threat of third party surveillance and promises for outstanding privacy security for internet user.

Ivacy VPN server hides actual IP address and location of internet user replacing it with that of some different country. With active and straightforward installation of it, you can download everything you want to do without leaking any browsing information. If you want to move with advanced world of internet without privacy spoiling issues, you should preferably install a server that stops tracker to have a look into your performance.

If you have a wish to prevent non-government organizations, commercial ventures or passing traffic spoiling your privacy, Ivacy VPN server will surely assist you in this respect. It also allows downloading heavy files through torrents that retains capacity to accomplish your professional as well as personal requirements for web privacy. It does not show browsing record of internet users from ISP or managements. In order to establish your career in online marketing, you should take care of data security so that it may preserve its originality and without server, it is not accessible.

Ivacy VPN server enables you to have full access to internet where you can break through firewall without taking notice either it is government, corporate or university firewall. You can practice over internet while travelling from one country to another and you easily visit banned Facebook, social media and Twitter in China. It never displays your real IP and location to internet hackers and for improvement in overall performance, it allows visiting BBC in Africa, Hulu in China and many more.

Guaranteed and complete solution for internet privacy is possible with Ivacy VPN server that enriches your surfing experience making you administrator of your own web-based activities. Features of this server are compelling and if you feel satisfied with them, you can pay for installation with full confidence. Long-term encrypted service proves beneficial for professional purposes. Online professional can use it at industrial level to keep data related to input and output in complete privacy.

Special protocol of Ivacy VPN server engages HTUN, OpenVPN, IPSec and PPTP whilst retaining capacity to work on Linux community, Microsoft and Cisco to evade every sort of firewalls for the sake of privacy security on internet. It masks and encrypts your private traffic and never exposes it to passing traffic so that you may not feel disturbance while performing your web-based activities.

Customer Reviews:

Customers having proximate and prolific experience with Ivacy VPN server are in love with this technology that has granted them with full privacy protection in internet sphere. They have been enjoying improved scale of business production with privacy-oriented contribution of this advanced mode of confidential security.

When privacy conscious customers create a connection with Ivacy VPN server, they find it in their favor and want to relish its various features to visit banned or regionally restricted websites and channels without any restriction.

Ivacy VPN server is fair and rewarding exposure of advanced technology that welcomes those who want to enjoy online liberty with full privacy security and do not like to compromise over this fundamental requirement of human life. It will be a productive investment on part of customers to include Ivacy VPN server in their lives.