LifeVPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$9.99/month for PPTP + OpenVPN

$6.90/month for PPTP (Economy)

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Hong Kong

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Linux, Android devices, iPad, iPhones, iOS, Mac OS/X and Windows

Other Features:

Valuable insertion of LifeVPN server includes OpenVPN and PPTP to make internet users happy with anonymous net surfing. Unlimited VPN server retains proximate compatibility with supported platforms like Linux, Android devices, iPad, iPhones, iOS, Mac OS/X and Windows. It offers sever location of Hong Kong with unconstrained data transferring capacity. You may get advantages from dynamic/shared IPs and limitless VPN account exclusive of any restrictions.

Free trial is not available for internet users but if they feel curiosity to bring privacy in their web related life, they can frankly follow pricing plan as $9.99/month for PPTP + OpenVPN or $6.90/month for PPTP (Economy). MasterCard, Credit card and Visa are up to standard modes of payment for service providers. In some countries, internet users cannot visit banned sites or blocked channels because authorities do not allow advanced surfing but with LifeVPN, it is accessible without outside disruption.

There remains no threat of surveillance and monitoring after privacy-promising installation of LifeVPN server that permits frank and liberal net surfing without disturbance of data-detecting online criminals. This is a sure way of getting confidential protection in order to find access to banned content, video streaming and net surfing along with excellent coverage of privacy security. You cannot deny matchless contribution of a server that never keeps log like that of ISP and prevents others to track your web-based activities.

LifeVPN server creates encrypted tunnel to produce reliable connection between your device and server thus, it favors online privacy to stop passing traffic peeping into your private traffic. It involves SSL VPN and PPTP support to lead your supported platform towards compatibility of this server. Through simple contribution of this server, you can achieve internet anonymity as well as security without exposing your real IP address and location.

When you have assistance from LifeVPN server, it assures that no one can hack digital fingerprints of internet users despite hard struggle. Trackers cannot conceal confidential data, professional files, password and personal sharing due to protected coverage of server. It replaces real IP address and location with public IP thus, you remain anonymous in wide-ranging world of internet. When you submit your online activities, server encrypts it passing through virtual tunnel and major purpose of this instant encryption is to care for your privacy security.

LifeVPN is reliable while travelling from one country to another because it keeps working without spoiling net surfing. When a user signups for confidential security, he gets guarantee for complete privacy and performs his tasks confidently. You can use it in every location like sitting in a hotel, coffee shop or public park because it encrypts data transmission in order to secure your privacy.

Customer Reviews:

Unsecured internet users feel secures having connection with LifeVPN server that promises to entertain their privacy related interests to the level of satisfaction. Customers are of the opinion incomparable share of LifeVPN acquires little but rewards more than expectations. With vibrant involvement of this technology, life becomes comfortable and enjoyable because it allows online liberty along with privacy security.

Customers deliver praising comments for satisfactory role of LifeVPN and give preference to invest their amount for this beneficial technology. It bypasses disturbing traffic to continue your online performance smoothly and this is enough for satisfaction of privacy conscious internet users. Do not delay and activate LifeVPN for the sake of your personal or professional privacy security that will prove cost-effective in the future.