Linkideo VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

€2 / month - L VPN Link

€5 / month - XL VPN Link

€10 / month - Unrestricted VPN Link

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Netherlands, France, United States

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP

Supported Platforms: Windows

Other Features:

Privacy-securing platform of Linkideo VPN offers 128-bit encryption and 512k unrestricted accounts along with supported protocols of OpenVPN and PPTP. Internet users may enjoy server locations of Netherlands, France and United States whilst relishing availability of port forwarding. You can install it on Windows but first have view of pricing plan that introduces €2 / month - L VPN Link, €5 / month - XL VPN Link and €10 / month - Unrestricted VPN Link.

It is up to buyer to choose unlimited account or XL for OpenVPN and he is free to make this choice. Linkideo VPN does not offer free testing service for VPN rather you have to follow pricing plan through credit card payment option. It assures for absolute protection of online privacy despite imposed restrictions of ISP. Users engage with full anonymity replacing their real IP and location with better alternative.

With Linkideo VPN, you have command over encrypted connection of 128bit-key security and unmetered downloading. Users have to follow no restriction for installation or registration but if they find any complexity regarding utility of this server, they can contact proficient suppliers via online chat or email option. Your access to banned website, blocked content or regionally restricted channels automatically increases after instant installation of this promising server.

Following technical details of well-configured Linkideo VPN, you become your own administrator and third party interrupters cannot find access to encrypted data regarding your online browsing activities. Target of virtual firewall is to secure your confidentiality without taking notice of your travelling or staying activities. You should check the quality of your internet connection because downloading speed depends upon it and if it does not favor purchased server, it may spoil overall internet performance. It is like a barrier that prevents professional as well as shrewd hackers interrupting in your private traffic. Your initial affiliation with server will lead you towards absolute anonymous surfing whilst maintaining standard quality of your web-based communication.

Certainly, public hotspots do not favor confidential security but if you connect to Linkideo VPN, it assure filtered monitoring of passing traffic so that you may enjoy disruption free net surfing with location of your own choice. It avoids peripheral packet sniffing to make it sure that no one can monitor your web related activities and despite regional restrictions, you can enjoy frank visiting of banned websites like Hulu, Twitter and Facebook.

Linkideo VPN retains rich capacity to deal with privacy related issues for immediate satisfaction of internet users. Unlimited access to OpenVPN is enables you monitor your browsing activities on your own exclusive of taking care for regional restriction or ISP control. In case of dissatisfaction, users can cancel installation with currency return surety but this sort of relaxation is available within initial days of subscription.

Customer Reviews:

Upcoming generation is in love with internet related activities and at the same time, it yearns for absolute privacy security. Linkideo VPN is the best solution for such privacy crazy individuals as it promises for quick responding confidentiality security to the level of users’ satisfaction.

Customers affiliated with Linkideo VPN give preference to recommend this server because they are aware of advantageous contribution of this forceful technology. It retains praiseworthy features and offers them in response of reasonably charged price. If you want to enjoy anonymous surfing along with full privacy security, Linkideo VPN is here to assist your interests.