MadVPN Reviews

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: United States of America, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Poland, Netherlands, Czech, Norway, Spain and Belgium

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP VPN

Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X and Windows

Other Features:

MadVPN server supports privacy concerning interests of internet users with its well-configured features like unrestrained data transferring option and multiple server location involving countries United States of America, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Poland, Netherlands, Czech, Norway, Spain and Belgium. Smart insertion of PPTP supported protocol encourages compatibility of your system with server. It is convenient to install on Mac OS/X, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

Service of MadVPN is available in thirteen countries and inhabitants of this globe can install it without following regional or time restrictions. It permits bandwidth range from 5 GB to unlimited simultaneously assigning an IP address and location in order to hide your actual identity from approach of online trackers. It does not offer free experimental testing for VPN server but if it seems favorable for your interests, you can buy it paying through PayPal account.

You may enjoy dedicated server location relying upon constructive technology of MadVPN that filters overall traffic on internet and protects your confidential web-based communication or other online activities from hacking. It does not acquire any additional American software for proper running as it retains capacity to work along with PPTP technology. Various packages are here to facilitate privacy conscious individuals having restricted budget.

It is necessary to have sophisticated connection of internet for quality service of MadVPN server because downloading speed depends upon internet connection. Therefore, it should be on your prior verge to get affiliation with server that takes great care of your online privacy security. Passing through traffic cannot spoil your professional data, files or private communication due to barrier of this worldly approved server. It increases proficient competence of internet users to bypass privacy spoiling factors with accessible involvement of technology. Encrypted tunnel of server encrypts data and widely spacious surfing to make your online performance enjoyable as well as prolific.

Exclusive connection with MadVPN server leads towards frank, confident and rewarding sphere of internet where you have liberty to visit blocked sites and banned channels to augment existing standard of web-based performance. If you want to change your password after subscription of this server, you can change it as per to your choice. Now, when a user subscribes for registration of server, they have to give detailed information but server does not keep log and it is enough for surety of online privacy.

If you have to follow ISP restrictions without your consent, you can remove such restrictions with affiliation of MadVPN server because it retains generous capacity to face every hacking or tracking challenge for sure protection of internet users. In fact, non-government and commercial ventures spy your online activities for their personal interests and it proves destructive for overall performance.

Customer Reviews:

Customers having special experience in sphere of internet find MadVPN server as the best server that promises for confidential security whilst preventing professional hackers to have a visit of your browsing record. With specific and approved technology of server, it has become easy to add it in your professional as well as personal life in order to promote online privacy.

With productive involvement of MadVPN server, life of internet users automatically turns towards comfortable mode because there remains no apprehension regarding privacy security when they switch with server. It eliminates security-threatening factors preventing them peep into your private affairs. Privacy sensitive individuals become confident in their online performance as they have fortunate chance of securing their web-based confidentiality.