VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:
Unlimited VPN
$10 / month - 512 kbps, 1 IP
$17 / month - 10 mbps, 1 IP
$27 / month - 30 mbps, 1 IP
$80 / month - 100 mbps, 2 IP's

Data Transfer: Unlimited
VPN Servers: N/A
Located Countries: Sweden
IP Address: N/A
Supported Protocols: OpenVPN
Supported Platforms: BSD, Linux
Other Features: 
VPN access along with VPN server assures for online anonymity of internet users by assigning IP address and location that works in place of actual IP and location. It involves OpenVPN as supported protocol to make it sure, you can perform online tasks without third party interruption. Subscribers can enjoy server location of Sweden along with unrestricted data transferring option. Capacity of this VPN server enables you to install it on BSD and Linux relying upon existing compatibility of server with your system. 
Well-informed users of internet can improve online privacy standard with quick responding activation of VPN server that makes you more fortunate than any other internet user. If you belong to business-oriented community and want to secure business related online data, you can fulfill relevant wish with affiliation of this special server. As additional features, PRQ retains static IPs along with reverse DNS and various packages are available for convenience of users. If you want supplementary IPs, you need to pay separately and it follows speed level from 512-kbps to 100-Mbps.
With VPN server, you find access to static IPs and speed capped VPN account but if you are eager to know about terms and condition of torrent/P2P restrictions, you should contact service providers. Free trial for VPN services is not available but if you feel inclination towards rich features as well as contribution, you can follow pricing plan as $10 / month - 512 kbps, 1 IP, $17 / month - 10 mbps, 1 IP, $27 / month - 30 mbps, 1 IP and $80 / month - 100 mbps, 2 IP's through credit card payment option. For technical assistance, you can frankly contact with suppliers through online chat or email. VPN server lets internet users to visit blocked websites and regionally banned channels with a confidence of confidential security. It bypasses overall internet traffic in order to remove every infection or hackers away from your web-based activities. It keeps up anonymity of internet users while they are browsing banned content, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, Skype and Twitter in Oman, China, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. PRQ forum introduces various forums with excellent functionality leaving traffic filtration behind.
Quality standard encryption with VPN server makes life of internet user comfortable because he has to face no annoying disruption from outside trackers who try to hack confidential data for their personal interests. It is very convenient to download this protection-promising tool on your device. It is applicable for personal as well as professional tasks and strong connection with VPN server leads internet users towards absolute anonymity in sphere of internet. 
Customer Reviews:
Legal protection for online privacy is possible with VPN server that hides online identity of internet users replacing real IP and location with an alternative IP and location. Substantial contribution of this server promises for full confidential security exclusive of outside interruption. Customers appreciate relaxing features of this dynamic technology as they have been relishing confident surfing of blocked sites.
Unsurpassed encryption level of VPN server suits privacy related interests of internet crazy generation. You can blindly rely on services of this technically advanced tool after viewing past performance record of this server. Price range of VPN server retains compatibility with average budget and everyone with restricted income can afford to buy it.