Relakks VPN Reviews

VPN Plans:
Unlimited VPN
€ 15, 00 / quarter
€ 45, 00 / year

Data Transfer: Unlimited
VPN Servers: N/A
Located Countries: Sweden
IP Address: N/A
Supported Protocols: PPTP
Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac, Window Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7
Other Features: 
Swedish server Relakks VPN is here with unconstrained data transferring opportunity along with PPTP supported protocol. Superior quality serve retains capacity to work on multiple platforms of Linux, Mac, Window Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 because of matching compatibility with these operating systems. It offers Swedish server location involving PPTP protocol and dynamic/shared IPs with unrestricted VPN account. For torrent/P2P related information, you can contact online experts as they have ample information to satisfy your intentions.
Free trial for VPN is not available but you can have relishing experience with Relakks VPN server by following pricing plan as € 15, 00 / quarter or € 45, 00 / year through Paynova payment option. Pirate Party Sweden supports this server and you can conveniently hide your real IP and location with simple applications of this technology. If you sign up on yearly basis, you can enjoy discount offers with unlimited access to online privacy security. If you have intentions to know more about technical assistance, you can make use of online chat option or email.
Relakks VPN server protects you against online surveillance thus; it preserves integrity of internet users by concealing their IP address and location through VPN encryption and Proxy. VPN tunnel bypasses overall internet-based activities preventing commercial ventures, non-government organizations and other shrewd nature hackers to have a look into your web-based matters. When you create VPN account, you are going to step forward absolute anonymity under your own supervision. Privacy security is on prior verge of this server and you can rely on its relaxing features for complete privacy protection. Even service provider finds no access to track you or keep a record of your browsing history.
Whatever applications you make on internet, hackers cannot take a view of those due to technical barrier of Relakks VPN server. You have to face no drawbacks or technical challenges from outside interrupters because you have paid protection of VPN that acquires a little but grants more than your relevant expectations. You need to get broadband connection to make use of 128-bit encryption level and it will be enough for your personal as well as professional requirements.
There is no need to involve American encryption software for systematic privacy security in sphere of internet and well-configured Relakks VPN server has full command over its wide-ranging capacity. Your connection with server retains legal status and you have to bear no hindrance from ISP, commercial venture or non-government agencies. It becomes convenient for internet crazy community to enjoy their private activities without having threats from outside infections.
Electronic footprints of internet users remain anonymous with vibrant involvement of modern-day advancement namely Relakks VPN server. Regular framework of server continues your online performance simultaneously maintaining full online anonymity. Specific access to VPN applications leads towards confident surfing, browsing and web-based communication.
Customer Reviews:
Customers enjoying online confidential security with Relakks VPN server appreciate relishing features of this dynamic technology and they preferably recommend contemporary internet users to have an experience with this advantageous tool. There is no restriction to submit confidential information at the time of installation and you have to provide username with changeable password.
Relakks VPN server is a great addition in this age of advancement and internet users can facilitate their online life with beyond compare involvement of it. Reasonable price of server provokes conscious users of internet to invest their amount for purchase of this server. Online privacy is enjoyable and there is no alternative for the precious facility because it accommodates in accordance with your requirements.