EncryptLine VPN Review


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

EncryptLine service A: €4.75/month 

EncryptLine service C: €6.75/month 

Data Transfer: Unlimited 

VPN Servers: USA, EU

Located Countries: USA, EU

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: PPTP

Supported Platforms: Mac OS X,Vista,Windows 98, 2000, 2003,ME,Linux and cellular devices

Other Features:

Anonymous surfing is priority of today’s internet crazy generation and everyone wants extreme privacy for all sorts of internet based activities. With encryptlineVPN server, internet users can prevent sniffers or hackers from interrupting in your private data, browsing history and web based communication.  

VPN users can securely use internet for reading emails or performing internet activities without having fear that someone else may hack their login details. VPN server encrypts overall internet traffic simultaneously enhancing your access to religiously or regionally blocked sites. Configuration supported platforms for this VPN server areMac OS X,Vista,Windows 98, 2000, 2003,ME,Linux and cellular devices. Presence of PPTP ensures excellent encryption that protects your online privacy standards. 

There is no need to install any additional software for configuration rather you provide your VPN username and passphrase for encryptlineVPN server. This is an advanced solution for online privacy issues and internet users do not have to engage into typical hacking problems. Standard encryption level covers US with 128-bit to 256-bit encryption level. It enables you to find easy access to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter in those regions where common people cannot visit these social sites. It lets your private traffic go through encrypted tunnel in order to lead it towards automatically routed settings. VPN services help you to avoid hacking, spying and censorship and these different sorts of services bring real-time advantages out of anonymous surfing. If you choose VPN C instead of VPN A, you will have to pic client software for protected configuration.  

Online anonymity does not require hardware, setup software or any other technical complication. Worldwide availability of encryptlineVPN server ensures reliable and strong encryption preventing ISP taking slight view of your internet activities. With VPN server, you can stop ISP or entity censorship and this is not out of your reach. During anonymity, VPN server does not keep logs of your confidential information. You can secure Wi-Fi hotspots whilst securing your anonymity behind preventive firewalls. This is not difficult to secure your wireless modems by hiding IP addresses and real locations. WEP is not reliable encryption level rather it is vulnerable and weak this is why technical experts give preference to VPN servers for sure online anonymity. 

In case of preventing identity theft, you do not have to struggle hard because VPN is here to assist you. It guarantees defense against DNS deceiving, Evil Twin, nuking and other assaults. You can make blocked sites unblocked for you with VPN services and keep yourself anonymous for other internet users. You have to pay very little for high standard encryption and you can enjoy free of cost upload services hiding your IP and real location.  Now you can use MSN, yahoo, chat, IM and ICQ because of high-tech encryptlineVPN server. 

Customer Reviews:

There are millions of VPN users who find access to VoIP ports, torrent downloading, ISPs block smtp/pop ports and ftp ports because of encryption facility. If you belong to a region where you cannot visit certain sites because of regional restrictions, you should not worry about it as encryptlineVPN server offers instant solutions. Customers using this very server have no fear of hackers or identity thieves and they can frankly perform various web based tasks like chatting, filling of personal details and liberal browsing. Encryptline server encrypts complete internet traffic leaving no interruption worries behind for internet users.