VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN
Data Transfer: Unlimited 
VPN Servers: N/A
Located Countries: Sweden
IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols:  PPTP
Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows, iPhone

Other Features:

Simple commitment with privacy.iovpn offers wide-ranging privacy protecting services for encrypted data transferring process. Sweden is the only country that retains positioning for this server. Users can establish a connection between server and their compatible devices including supported platforms of Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows and iPhone. This comprehensive privacy protecting service is really effective because of PPTP incorporation. Flexibility and compatibility of this server with a number of devices make it privacy enriching tool that is trustworthy as well. 

Although PPTP encryption level is less protected than L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN even then it secures its members’ online identity to the level of their satisfaction. It is up to the subscribers to manage convenient setup of privacy.iovpn server on the supported platforms of Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows or iPhone. If you want to buy this server for personal use as well as for commercial use, you will have to pay $7/month to have easy access to it. With this server, you do not have to face port or traffic restrictions and term discounts are also available for you. Another striking feature of this server is dynamic/shared IPs from which users can choose according to their preferences. 

For sufficient information, interested internet users can frankly see logging policy in detail. There is no free trial even for initial users but you can buy it to have online privacy protection by following monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans. High-tech email support favors customers for instant removal of their technical issues they experience withprivacy.iovpn server. Service providers accept payment via credit card and buyers should preferably follow it to meet convenience. This virtual private network ensures absolute encryption and it gives privacy back to you making your IP and location untraceable for others. 
Service suppliers secure absolute anonymity and keep no logs and this is enough for internet users’ satisfaction. They assign randomly created IPs in order to encrypt your internet activities. Customers’ anonymity is on prior verge of authentic providers of VPN services. Guaranteed anonymity is in your access and it never disturbs your internet speed letting ISPs throttle internet usage.

There is no hidden fee users have to bear for buying privacy.iovpn server. This reasonably-priced VPN service is for everyone who really deserves protected privacy and free of interruption web surfing. Users of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 should have to choose compatible version and they can get technical assistance by contacting customer support. Make it sure that OpenVPN fits your running Windows but if it does not retain compatibility then at first take care of it before using privacy promising OpenVPN. 
For registration, you just have to press an option “install” and enter administrator password to download VPN server on your device. It encrypts overall web based communication making it untraceable for internet interrupters. Today’s fast growing internet activities require encryption and if you really dedicate to your online privacy security, privacy.iovpn server is liable for absolute online anonymity. 

Customer Reviews:

Users of VPN server agree with ever increasing importance of online privacy protection this is why they tried privacy.iovpn server and found it according to their demands. They appreciate its features after having short-term experience with this service. Operating system of this server supports users’ intentions for online privacy. This is affordable to buy and encryption level is satisfactory as well. If you wish for honest and sincere web based privacy protection, your preference for privacy.iovpn server will bring positive change in your internet using routine.