Safe-inet VPN Review

VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN 

$ 20/month




Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: Germany (DE1) 100MBit, USA,Pennsylvania(US1) 100MBit, USA,Pennsylvania(US2) 100MBit, Latvia(LV1) 10MBit, Austria(AT1) 10MBit, Panama(PA1), Germany(DE2) 100Mbit, Netherlands(NL1) 100MBit, Luxembourg(LU1), England(UK1) 100MBit, France(FR1) 100MBit, Russia(RU1,RU2) 100Mbit, China(CN1) 10MBit, Canada(CA1) 100MBit, Austria(AT2) 10MBit, Denmark(DN1), Netherlands(NL2), USA,New Jersey(US3) 100MBit, USA,New Jersey(US3) 100MBit, Spain(ES1) 100MBit, Ukraine(UA1) 100Mbit, USA,Washington(US4) 100MBit, Romania(RO1) 100MBit, Sweden(SE1) 100MBit, Malaysia(MY1) 10MBit, Netherlands(NL3) 100MBit, USA,Georgia(US5) 100Mbit, Turkey(TR1) 100MBit, Italy(IT1) 100MBit  

Located Countries: Germany, USA, Latvia, Austria, Panama, Netherlands, Luxembourg, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine, Romania, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Italy

IP Address: N/A 

Supported Protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN and DoubleVPN

Supported Platforms: Windows

Other Features:

Dedication for online privacy has emerged in form of safe-inet VPN server that makes online privacy security sure by encrypting private traffic via virtual protocols. You can save your PCs from hacking despite using internet café, airports, hotels and Wi-Fi hotspots because VPN server ensures additional privacy security. When it replaces your IP address with another one, you can frankly perform net surfing for resourceful returns along with maintained internet anonymity. Service suppliers never log your confidential data or connections and they require your e-mail ID for registration or password recovery. It encrypts traffic flow via VPN server in order to expand your access to overall internet activities. 

Germany, USA, Latvia, Austria, Panama, Netherlands, Luxembourg, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine, Romania, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey and Italy are located countries of this server. It depends upon your own choice to choose the most appropriate VPN server as per online privacy protection needs. if you are going to subscribe for VPN server for the first time, you will get additional security software to stop data leakage. 

Major aim of VPN is to strengthen online privacy security for privacy conscious internet users. You do not have to pay hidden setup charges for quick responding installation of safe-inet VPN server that takes very little time and cash investment in order to make it work for you. Well-reputed reliability of this VPN server makes it supportive for potential customers. Another dynamic fact about this server is…you can use more than three real-time connections with same username.   

The only limitation you may have to observe with safe-inet VPN server is that if your VPN connection does not work, service providers switch your applications to local IP without letting you know. Your online privacy is in your control but to buy VPN server is must for having confident privacy security. After the completion of your payment process, VPN server starts encrypting your web based activities. You can safely use internet anytime, anywhere without having fear of disruption because VPN server promises complete anonymity to the level of customers’ satisfaction. 

You can try VPN server before paying its charges but you will have to contact service providers via ICQ 802034. With 4096-bit encryption strength, this VPN server encrypts overall internet traffic after simple configuration. When you follow specific program of VPN server, there remains no fear of losing computer data. Price matters depend upon your selection for subscription from OpenVPN, DoubleVPN or TripleVPN protocols. Activation of subscription takes little time and if your account exists in the member’s locality, it will be faster than your imagination.  

Customer Reviews:

Privacy sensitive internet users are always ready to make an investment to secure their secrecy and their step towards buying safe-inet VPN server. Customers appreciate it saying it as a decent contribution of technology. They recommend this server using for personal life as well as professional life purposes where you make frequent use of internet. The only thing users have to provide when they are buying safe-inet VPN server is to provide his name along with valid password so that service providers may secure your online privacy with full confidence.