Vpnhq Review


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN


Data Transfer: Unlimited 

VPN Servers: N/A

Located Countries: Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and Japan

IP Address: N/A

Supported Protocols: IPSec/L2TP and OpenVPN protocols

Supported Platforms: Android, Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows, iPad, iPhone 

Other Features:

VPNHQ server belongs to UK2Group that is responsible for managing online services and it lets you have easy access to located countriesNetherlands, United Kingdom, United States and Japan server locations. It involves IPSec/L2TP and OpenVPN supported protocols for 100% online anonymity of internet users. 

You can connect from the supported platforms of Android, Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows, iPad and iPhone and service providers promise free trial for the first month.  If customers feel satisfied with smart and rewarding features of this server, thy can enjoy unrestricted access to web based privacy protection after paying $7 via credit card for the whole month. You may choose an IP address after getting support from dynamic/shared IPs along with unlimited account type. 

With vpnhq server, internet users get the best out of powerful encryption level for unlimited data transferring process. This is very easy to tunnel into the comfort zone of your motherland from worldwide location of your own choice. This is clear that you cannot trust over Wi-Fi network because hackers easily trace you IP address and location in order to meet their own commercial purposes and they use your identity for malicious objectives. Serenity of mind comes to your way when you get your internet connection affiliated with vpnhq server. 

VPNHQ retains more than a million domains in seventy plus destinations and you cannot resist its affectivity in the life of internet users. It gives you access to firewall that improves existing standards of online privacy protection without involving any additional software firewall. When you transfer firewall from compatible device to VPNHQ infrastructure, you receive an additional layer of privacy protection to prevent shrewd hackers having access to your confidential information.  

It is up to users to maintain constant online location or replace it with another with vpnhq server. You can display your location as you want to make other people know about you and this very easy to do. It was a time when people had to surrender before banned websites despite their yearnings for visiting regionally blocked sites but now vpnhq has removed every sort of blockage to allow you enjoying interruption free web surfing. Just sign up for VPNHQ account and make you anonymous in the world of internet. 

IPSec encryption strength of VPNHQ maximizes online privacy security levels giving you peace of mind and you feel relaxed after transferring online data from your device to another’s. This very server involves IPSec that is an approved mode of encryption and it retains absolute compatibility with many devices. It never disturbs your browsing speed whilst delivering privacy protection. This VPN technology supports internet enabled devices as PS3s, Androids and iPhones and technical experts ensure full assistance for configuration process. 

Customer Reviews:

People sensitive to their web based privacy protection love to invest cash for buying vpnhq server after viewing its promising features. They like customer support because it removes technical problems within likely short time making you feel relaxed. Legitimacy of this server and encryption level both are favorable for internet users who had been looking for absolute network anonymity.  

To encrypt your data by eliminating 3rd party threats is no more an issue now with encryption level of vpnhq server. Customers having relationship with this worldly recognized server are happy with their lot because now they have no fear of interruption, hacking or scamming. They suggest vpnhq server for high standard online privacy protection and it is really affordable investment.