witopia VPN Review


VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN

$69.99/year for PPTP combo/SSL (OpenVPN)

$59.99/year for SSL (OpenVPN)

$39.99/year for PPTP VPN

$199/year for CloakBox VPN Router

Data Transfer: Unlimited 

VPN Servers: N/A 

Located Countries: United States (Chicago, San Fransisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dulles, Seattle, Dallas), United Kingdom (London, Manchester), Hong Kong (China)

IP Address: N/A 

Supported Protocols: SSL (OpenVPN)&PPTP

Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Mac OSX, Android, HP webOS, Android and Google Chromebook

Other Features:

Witopia.net is here with VPN servers positioned in the United States (Chicago, San Fransisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dulles, Seattle and Dallas), United Kingdom (London, Manchester) and Hong Kong (China). Witopia involves SSL (OpenVPN)&PPTP supported protocols for high standard encryption level so that no one can hack your online identity via you IP address or real location. It replaces your IP address with another IP address and makes you absolutely anonymous among other internet users. 

Privacy sensitive internet users can make this server running on supported platforms like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Mac OSX, Android, HP webOS, Android and Google Chromebook. This server encrypts your private traffic for all sorts of devices including PCs, Sony PS3, Xbox 360 and VoIP ATA. Billing plan for witopiavpn server is as: $69.99/year for PPTP combo/SSL (OpenVPN), $59.99/year for SSL (OpenVPN), $39.99/year for PPTP VPN and $199/year for CloakBox VPN Router. 

Just sign up for setup configuration and let witopia.net work for your online privacy security without any additional software. Service providers do not offer FREE TRIAL but they ensure customers’ satisfaction via 30-day money back warranty. If someone needs technical help, email support at support@witopia.net is available for convenience. Authorized.net checks, credit cards and PayPal are acceptable modes of payment for service providers and potential customers should clear their payments via these payment options. 

There are no setup charges and the cheapest witopiavpn is the perfect choice of online privacy crazy generation. This will be fantastic deal of your personal or professional life to have relaxing relationship with VPN server. Superior infrastructure can maximize your economic achievements and when you perform web based activities anonymously, you can manage your online business in a better way. Cutting-edge privacy securing technology of witopiavpn offers real-time privacy protection for all internet users. Experienced engineers work with your IP address in order to replace it with another and this is good thing that you experience with VPN server. 

After buying witopiavpn server, you can make it running within next few minutes despite its simple but lengthy applications. If you want to enjoy anonymous surfing without letting others spy your web based activities, VPN server retains capacity to serve your interests. 3rd party monitoring always annoys internet users but now everyone can stop illegal monitoring or hacking with simple applications of VPN server. The quicker you pay for VPN service, the more sufficient responding access to anonymous surfing you find. Now there are no more blocked websites wait rather you can visit every banned site with the confidence of absolute anonymity and this anonymity is the result of witopiavpn services. 

Customer Reviews:

Customers having connection with witopia.com are of the view that world-class solution for data security is possible to have with systematically designed witopiavpn server. It is as good for commercial data privacy concerns as it is for personal usage and internet users can frankly experience interruption free web surfing even with the sites that are regionally banned for them. This VPN server has been serving thousands of internet users in more than 160 destinations since it launched. It better knows how to handle online identity keeping it hidden for all other internet users or hackers.