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BestPaidVPN is committed to provide users with unbiased independent analysis of paid VPN services worldwide. As an independent VPN review site, we do not provide VPN services withouth our tests in person. This is an unregulated industry and no standards have been set, and therefore consumers can determine whether a VPN service is protecting or harming them.

Most consumers are interested in technically evaluation of a VPN service. As an independent VPN review site without association with any VPN service, we serve as a watchdog to provide consumers with information that may contradict the marketing claims, and therefore consumers can make an informed decision.

The Best Paid VPN services should provide the following services:
  • Encryption of any and all types of Internet connections from DSL and cable to 3G
  • Prevention of any third party from recording web history, communications, emails, VOIP, IM, traffic, sites visited, IP addresses or access to remote desktops
  • Protection of all Internet activities, data and communications
  • Securing of all unsecured networks such as Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Securing of video or web-cam conferences from anywhere
  • IP changes seamlessly
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