Best Paid VPN Services

If you prefer free VPN services, please check Best Free VPN Services.

Why Paid VPN Service?

Today you are able to discover many free proxy sites and totally free vpn solutions. But are you able to really rely on them? Totally free proxies aren't dependable whatsoever and besides they can be illegal. Free vpn support could damage your pc with some kind of virus software. In the event you require vpn for some pleasure and it is not important for you personally to conceal your actual IP constantly you are able to use free vpn. But in the event you'll need vpn for the company or another serious activities you should certainly select best compensated vpn service.

Very Best Paid VPN Services

No.1 StrongVPN

StrongVPN is the best and biggest VPN service in the VPN industry, it is an international VPN company, based in the US, having staffs in the US,White Russia and UK. They provide 24×7 Quality Support. It has  excellent customer support, helping you deal with networking things.

StrongVPN has the fastest VPN servers. Their services are compatible to any applications, including P2P-like applications.

StrongVPN has many kinds of VPN packages, fitting for everyone. Their best sell package”3 City Special PPTP ” package only $4.58 / month . It is absolutely a great deal.

The biggest downside for StrongVPN is that it only has 5 switches a month plus 3 extra switches within first 2 weeks. If you want more switches, you have to pay more.

No.2 HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss provides a paid OpenVPN as well as PPTP service having a thirty day money back again assure. For 1 cost all servers and four,000 IPs. On every connection, HideMyAss provides its users with a various IP. This is a strong support with an simple to use software product and great North American and European server network.

HideMyAss offers the OpenVPN regular with the simple to use software program software at the center of the market cost assortment. HideMyAss has a large quantity of servers but not enough off shore servers. The application has many functions and is easy to setup and use. The Privacy Coverage is less than perfect as particular personal information and IPs are logged and saved. This evaluation only addresses HideMyAss's Open VPN support.

Prior to buying a months worth of this service, I was very crucial of other reviews I had keep reading the net. In-fact I commented on the couple of and suggesting the critiques had been so good, that it sounded like an ambitious rep who was attempting to increase his revenue. Following lots of studying I lastly took the plunge. I can play games with barely any distinction in pace. I can view Hulu of BBC regardless of the reality I'm not in their countries. I'll definitely renew my subscription.

I signed up for this service so that I can mask my exercise on sites like Google, YouTube, and Yahoo. I do not like the sensation that every thing I do is becoming watched by web Mega-Companies. HMA VPN is a fantastic answer. I love how the software will rotate my IP address across the whole US to be able to make everything I do look like it is coming from numerous individuals in random places.

No.3 OverPlay VPN

OverPlay has high speed VPN servers in many countries. It is a good VPN service for UK online TV. Many people use OverPlay to watch BBC iplayer outside UK You pay $9.95 / month you get unlimited and unblocked internet access. OverPlay also allow P2P traffic. The downside is OverPlay don’t have SSTP VPN and their customer service is a little slow.

OverPlay is a great and very straightforward service, with clear instructions. Setup process is realy simple and fully automatic/’hands free’. Everything works fine from the first ‘click’.

No.4 HideMyIP VPN

HideMyIP is basically a proxy server service having a layer of encryption over it with a server network in 10 countries. The top quality support allows you to use some although not all of the servers with limitless bandwidth (for all the servers you have to upgrade to the gold plan). On each link, HideMyIP provides its customers having a various IP. Even though the support provides encryption with the premium service, following some time the link breaks and your nearby IP is exposed. The top quality encrypted service is not dependable on Vista and Windows seven computer systems.

HideMyIP offers the OpenVPN standard with the simple to use software program software at the substantial end with the marketplace price range for an encrypted support. HideMyIP features a little number of servers and just one shore server (if you consider Malaysia off shore). The software has numerous functions and it is simple to setup and use. The Privacy Policy is less than ideal as particular personal information and IPs are logged and stored. This evaluation is on HideMyIP's Top quality Support.

No.5 PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the most important players in the Personal VPN industry. They provided PPTP/L2TP/SSTP VPN service since 2006. They own over 50 servers in 13 Countries around the world.
PureVPN doesn't restrict the downloading speed but you got 30GB/month bandwidth limitation. Of course they also provide an unlimited plan, which has unlimited speed, bandwidth and a little bit higher price. PureVPN allow P2P traffic in certain server.

Purevpn has the best customer support. They also offer “100%, 3 Days Money Back Guarantee”. If you don't share ip with others, you can get a dedicated IP VPN plan, which is very good for gamers and poker players. The downside is there is no OpenVPN service.


IAPS VPN is part of IAPS Security Services, which offers a wide variety of security services. IAPS VPN has over more than 100 servers in more than 100 countries. It has recognized itself as the largest VPN service provider in the world. Supported VPN protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP. It also supports various operation systems, including Windows (7, Vista, XP), Mac and Linux as well as iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, Android devices and more. It also offers an auto-dialer, which makes it simple to switch between the servers.

IAPS VPN provides state of the art technologies and exceptional security, which makes their users do not face any difficulty when surfing Internet. IAPS VPN encrypts the traffic at a level of 128-bits, thus increasing the security and safety of the network.

No.7 CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Premium VPN offers OpenVPN SSL safety at the low end of price competitors but having a limitation of forty GB of visitors monthly. Bandwidth upgrades can be found. CyberGhost features a network of servers located in Germany. The German servers are extremely quick and also the software has excellent features.

The biggest limitation is that the servers are in a jurisdiction where VPN is illegal which may not be considered a helpful jurisdiction for a lot of customers. Within our view, German servers only is a danger for VPN users simply because even when the support says it doesn't log info, it might be pressured to as the officers with the company reside in Germany and have German servers below their control. This is not a safe answer for many.

CyberGhost's very poor un-personalized support, sluggish response time, poor FAQs is an additional drawback to consider when thinking about CyberGhost VPN Premium service.

No.8 Vypr VPN

VyprVPN provides you secure VPN connection and encrypts your Web traffic. It can hide your IP address and help you breaks through censorship or Web restrictions. VyprVPN works with any device that has VPN support. It uses OpenDNS to foil pharming attacks.

However, VyprVPN plans are more expensive than similar services. You have to install a software provided by them. This softare may slow a little bit down your Internet connection.

When you use Vypr connect Internet through a VPN, nobody can snoop your Internet traffic, even a hacker, which make your every account's information safe. VyprVPN costs a bit more than similar services, but Golden Frog owns its own servers, which is a significant plus.