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Best VPNs for iPhone Guide [Top 4 VPNs for iPhone 2020]

vpn for iphone guide

Today smartphones are an equally common tool for internet access as PCs. That’s why is should be remembered that web privacy vulnerabilities are not less relevant when iPhones or other mobile devices are used, say, to visit web-sites or exchange data online. Good news, however, is that many options are available to ensure privacy of […]

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Best VPN for Netflix Guide [Top 5 Netflix VPNs 2020]

VPN for Netflix Guide

For the first time, Netflix offered DVD posting services almost 2 decades ago, in 1997. There were many changes since then. Today Netflix’s video streaming service, which is one of the best and most common services of its kind, has almost 70 mln. subscribers worldwide. Thanks to smart branding, video subscriptions marketed by Netflix are […]

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Best VPNs for Apple Mac Guide [Top VPNs Mac 2020]

There are 2 evident security threats faced by Mac users. First of all, they must watch for vulnerabilities in the proprietary Keychain application from Apple. This application is intended to ensure high security and accessibility of passwords and other important details but, due to a loophole in the security framework of El Capitan this highly sensitive information […]

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Best VPN for Android Guide [Top 3 Android VPN 2020]

VPN for Android Guide

This Post discusses top VPNs for Android devices. Best VPN Apps for Android Guide Protect yourself and encrypt your Android connection with a VPN. We have tested and compiled a list of the most trusted, free VPN apps for the Android. What is a VPN? A VPN (virtual private network) adds an additional level of security while surfing the […]

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