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HideMyAss provides a paid OpenVPN as well as PPTP service having a 30-day money back again assure. For 1 cost all servers and four,000 IPs. On every connection, HideMyAss provides its users with a various IP. This is a strong support via an simple to use software product and great North American and European server network.

HideMyAss Services:

HideMyAss offers the OpenVPN regular with the simple to use software program software at the center of the market cost assortment. HideMyAss has a large number of servers but not enough offshore servers. The application has many functions and is easy to setup and use. The Privacy Coverage is less than perfect as particular personal information and IPs are logged and saved. This evaluation only addresses HideMyAss’s Open VPN support.

HideMyAss VPN Plans:

Month – Pro VPN $9.99
6 Months – $50.66
12 Months – $78.66

HideMyAss Features:

hide my ass
Hide My Ass VPN service

Data Transfer: Unlimited

VPN Servers: 162

Located Countries:USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden,Australia, Moldova, France, Hungary, Panama, Portugal, Austria, Ukraine,Poland, Turkey, Spain, Czech Rep, Ireland, Russia, Latvia, Egypt, India,Serbia, Italy, Hong Kong, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg

IP Address: 38500+

Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Routers

Other Features:

Debugging. If you have difficulty connecting you can export your connection log to NotePad or run a diagnostic test which provides us with more information about your system. Proxy support. Our software supports the input of proxy servers required for users already behind a proxy network.

Billing& packages. Billing and packages screen display your billing cycle and our current prices.

Freeweb proxy. Use their free proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity.

Our experience with Hidemypass:

Prior to buying a month’s worth of this service, I was very crucial of other reviews I had keep reading the net. In fact, I commented on the couple of and suggesting the critiques had been so good, that it sounded like an ambitious rep who was attempting to increase his revenue. Following lots of studying, I last took the plunge. I can play games with barely any distinction in pace. I can view Hulu of BBC regardless of the reality I’m not in their countries. I’ll definitely renew my subscription.

I signed up for this service so that I can mask my exercise on sites like Google, YouTube, and Yahoo. I do not like the sensation that every thing I do is becoming watched by web Mega-Companies. HMA VPN is a fantastic answer. I love how the software will rotate my IP address across the whole US to be able to make everything I do look like it is coming from numerous individuals in random places.

Customer Reviews:

hidemyass vpn
hidemyass vpn review

Hidemyass is actually the first VPN product have tried personally and that I enjoy it a great deal. The program causes it to be simple to use. You will find lots of servers to choose from and that I haven’t had any problems getting connected.

I’m pleased with the program and also the service. I’ve been utilizing it for a bit more than the usual week. I’ll mention one factor that appears sporadic in my experience. You will find certain web pages I access which are blocked within certain states. Quite simply, should I be hooking up to some server in New York, I expect the page to become blocked to my access after that. However, it is not blocked. After I look much deeper some sites the IP is within India, where obviously the page isn’t blocked. But when I perform a traceroute, I can tell that I’m hooking up from the server in New York. I do not think many of the faults with Hidemyass, but it’s not things I expected. Basically, make use of a different creation that simply experiences a proxy server in New York with no VPN, then your page is blocked when I expected. However, I think many people make use of a product such as this to achieve access where they’re blocked, to not be refused access likeI’m attempting to do within this situation. sorry if the sounds confusing.

I haven’t yet approached tech support team because I haven’t had any technical problems, and so I cannot discuss the support quality. I’m not the very best person to discuss the rate either, due to the fact Personally, I do not pay lots of focus on speed due to the way in which I personally use my connection. However, I will state that I’ve no complaints concerning the speed. Overall I’m happy with HMA and would certainly recommend it.

Your merchandise is BAR NONE the very best $11.58/month USD I spend every month. I subscribe to numerous financial notifications and All are now marketing utilization of a compensated proxy service for example that one (I submitted a recommendation of HMA towards the newsletters) — because of the progressively spying eyes of the federal government. I want this particular service to obtain round the super-prepared filters inside my place of work which block the websites I just read regularly– and, an internal source explained — monitors the websites I visit on the T-2 line. Hidemyass gets simpler and simpler to make use of and also the personal service could not be superior, specifically for a tyro much like me. One should be aware of and respect the work hours at GMT, though I’m inside a PSTzone and should lookup time variations. I’ve suggested HMA to everybody who does listen, even stone beginners and seniors who have a problem with their OS.

Hidemyass will end up progressively essential as government snoops and anti-Internet legislation here in America and elsewhere make Internet use progressively available to monitoring — the EU/US governments wants each user to possess a personal identification.

I’ve attempted several VPN companies through the years, however, I was amazed through the Hidemyass service. They’ve wrapped OpenVPN and PPTP methods having a control application that translates most of the “technical” facets of developing a VPN connection right into a button push or drop lower menu which makes it simple for customers whatsoever abilities to make use of. They have a large number of servers in lots of nations to select from, plus they provide speed testing, ping occasions, and load information which makes it simple for a person to choose the very best someone to use. My experience during the last handful of days has proven the connections to become consistently fast and reliable. The prices discount rates presently available get this to service an amazing value for anybody, IMO. The only real “knock” I’ve against Hidemyass may be the password flexibility for PPTP. After I sign in on my small Android tablet I have to make use of the cryptic HMA provided password when I am not seeing a method to personalize it. (The OpenVPN protocol uses the client’s primary account login and password.)

hidemyass vpn
hidemyass vpn

Overall, I am very pleased with Hidemyass and would totally recommend these phones anybody that’s searching for VPN service.


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