Best VPN for Netflix Guide [Top 5 Netflix VPNs 2020]

VPN for Netflix Guide

For the first time, Netflix offered DVD posting services almost 2 decades ago, in 1997. There were many changes since then. Today Netflix’s video streaming service, which is one of the best and most common services of its kind, has almost 70 mln. subscribers worldwide. Thanks to smart branding, video subscriptions marketed by Netflix are extremely popular. For the young audience, Netflix is one of the essential status symbols. The company managed to acquire exclusive distribution rights for some original series (including “The House of Cards”) and gain a dominant position with solid retention prospects for short and medium term.

However, due to the licensing restrictions of the creators which must be strictly followed by Netflix, the content is not globally or universally available, and the prices are considerably different. By way of example, when Netflix started its operations in Australia, it offered hardly more than one thousand unique titles. In the States, the collection comprises over 7 thousand unique titles. In the UK the choice of original content is very limited too as compared to the U.S. market, but the cost of service is higher. And we should not forget about geo-blocking. This means that Netflix accounts can be inaccessible, for instance, when the users are travelling abroad.

VPN for Netflix can be required, if this service is not available in your country, if more content is needed or at a less expensive price, or if you want to make your account globally accessible.

Thus, Netflix unblocking is a highly relevant task. There are lots of VPN services, and the optimal choice might be far from evident. Please find below the profiles of five best VPNs for unrestricted Netflix access.

Buffered VPN for Netflix

Buffered VPN Review

Buffered VPN Review


  • Speedy
  • Zero usage logging
  • Money-back guarantee effective for 1 month
  • P2P allowed
  • Based in Hungary
  • Server in Canada
  • 3 connections can be maintained at a time


  • Somewhat dear price
  • Connection logs are kept

Distinct advantages of this Hungarian provider are the absence of usage logs (there are only limited connection logs), high connection speeds, and money-back guarantee effective for 1 month.  Buffered operates servers in 16 countries, including Canada, and offers a very convenient Windows client.

All these confirm high privacy commitments of the company. The services cannot be called cheap, and there is another financial disadvantage: Buffered does not accept anonymous Bitcoin payments. On the other side, it is a Hungarian company and, thus, it is not obliged to obey the legislation of, say, the States or UK.

SW client offered by Buffered comprises a very convenient port discovery function to locate open ports available in password-protected networks, for instance at airports or hotels. This way the users can avoid registration.

In return for 15 dollars/month, the users receive a secure VPN, high-end servicing and incredibly high speeds for Netflix streaming.

ExpressVPN for Netflix

expressvpn vpn review

expressvpn vpn review


  • Speedy
  • Servers in almost 80 countries, including Canada
  • Zero usage logging
  • Applications for iOSs & Androids
  • Money-back guarantee effective for 1 month
  • 2 connections can be maintained at a time
  • P2P allowed


  • Rather expensive
  • Connection log

ExpressVPN can boast of extensive geographic coverage: it operates servers in almost 80 countries. This provider follows zero-logging policy, offers fast services and convenient applications for iOSs and Androids, for Netflix streaming directly on smartphones or tablets. Also, there is a money-back guarantee effective for 1 month. Similarly to Buffered, ExpressVPN is a rather expensive service, but the price is justified by the wide scope of services.

BlackVPN for Netflix

BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN Review


  • Money-back guarantee effective for two weeks
  • Viscosity license for free
  • Superb encryption
  • P2P allowed
  • Extensive server base


  • Performance is sometimes unstable

BlackVPN is based in Hong Kong. This VPN provider offers a truly superb product for quite reasonable price, including a very convenient feature to stream Netflix USA from whatever country or location. In other words, it is possible to watch Netflix with a concurrent P2P sharing via a NL server.

Also, BlackVPN offers a good level of security protection, a Viscosity license which is attached to user subscription for free, and money-back guarantee effective for 2 weeks.


vyprvpn review

vyprvpn review


  • Proprietary infrastructure supporting high-speed connections
  • Good geographic coverage: almost 40 countries
  • Good encryption
  • 3 connections can be maintained at a time
  • SmartDNS service
  • Stealth servers with Chameleon SW
  • No usage logging
  • Smart SW


  • Connection/metadata logs are retained
  • Falls under the U.S. jurisdiction
  • P2P not allowed

VyprVPN is a product by Golden Frog which also offers such secure internet services as Dump Truck for safe online storage, encrypted message exchanger and Cyphr. VyprVPN is the flagship product of the company.

This VPN service can boast of high-speed connections backed by a distributed server network which is an evident advantage for Netflix streaming. It is not completely log-free, which is rather strange for a firm specialized in internet security.

Fully-featured VPN is offered for 14.99 dollars, and there are progressive discounts for longer subscriptions. This is a common practice for all VPN providers. The users can test this service thanks to the free trial offered for three days. This time is more than enough to check the operation of this VPN service with Netflix.

Torguard VPN for Netflix

TorGuard VPN Review

TorGuard VPN Review


  • Zero logging
  • Superb speeds
  • IP sharing
  • SSH tunnels
  • DD-WRT routers
  • Server status details
  • P2P allowed
  • Bitcoin payments accepted
  • Port forwarding
  • Free trial for a week
  • Web-site is not blocked in the PRC


  • Encryption on almost all servers
  • Rather weak customer service
  • Based in the U.S.

TorGuard utilizes adapted obfsproxy for its OpenVPN service, to make VPN traffic look like plain HTTP traffic. Geographic distribution of TorGuard servers is truly impressive: more than 40 countries including Hong Kong, Japan and U.S. The users can maintain up to five concurrent connections and employ port forwarding options. Also, Torguard ensures good connection speeds.

VPN for Netflix Review

One year ago Netflix introduced a new explicit contract provision prohibiting the use of VPN for Netflix access outside the region of residence. This might sound discouraging, but so far there was no active persecution of VPN users.

Quite understandable, this provision was introduced to flatter Hollywood movie-makers which produce the content and offer distribution licenses at different prices for different regions. It can be reasonably concluded that they want to ban any content unblocking options and prevent unauthorized access.

Despite the fact that this provision was entered to user contracts, it is scarcely possible for Netflix to terminate any contracts for VPN use because this means that the company would lose valuable customers and their money.

Most users are interested in the U.S. Netflix service, but access to other country options might be interesting too. Using the above-described VPN services it is possible to disguise one’s IP-address and select whatever suitable location, for instance, to access your Netflix account when you travel abroad. All mentioned VPN services offer country lists which are available online.

Another important aspect of the US Netflix unblocking is the specific geographic location. Fast connection is essential for high-performance video content streaming. When any VPN is used, internet connection is slowed down, but the above-discussed VPNs were selected, among others, for the minimal possible speed reduction of internet traffic. And the last but not the least: all these VPNs have servers on both West and East U.S. Coast. This means that they are suitable for users in Asian countries and in Australia, as well as in Europe, including the UK.

If a Netflix subscription was already purchased for the UK, Australia or any other country, it can be assumed that VPN alone is not enough for the Netflix U.S. This is a false alarm. Even if Netflix subscription was purchased in another country, with the use of VPN it is possible to simulate a U.S.-based IP address and unblock all required content.

VPN for Netflix Summary

Netflix offers an extensive and reasonably-priced collection of view-on-demand options. It appears that this company shall retain its competitive advantage in the video streaming market, at least for short and medium term. The best option for watching Netflix is to purchase a subscription for the Netflix US service regardless of the region where the particular user lives.

VPNs can assist to solve many tasks related to Netflix use, namely to get access to more extensive content or use it for a cheaper price or obtain access in general which is impossible otherwise just because Netflix was not launched so far in your country. All five above-listed VPN services offer free trials for user self-tests.

Besides extended Netflix access, VPNs can help to ensure online privacy which is a very relevant task today for any user. Encrypted traffic means security and censorship evasion.

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